UNCLE HOWDY: Uncle Howdy latest mystery message teases “massacre is coming” and June 17 date

Posted on 6/02/124 by Colin Vassallo

An Uncle Howdy message was posted on WWE.COM yesterday with
a possible date of June 17 for a return.

The URL on the WWE.COM post read “71enuj” which is June 17
backwards. Several QR codes, videos, and hints have been
popping up weekly on WWE television and announcers have also
been pointing them out lately.

June 17 is a Monday with the post-Clash at the Castle Raw
live from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christie,

“I accepted my calling. Only then was I able to set the
others free,” part of the message reads. “We are going to
burn it to the ground. A massacre is coming.”

The group is rumored to include Bo Dallas as Uncle Howdy,
Erick Rowan, Joe Gacy, Dexter Lumis, and Nikki Cross and
will continue to feed off of the Bray Wyatt complicated

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