Posted on 6/01/124 by Colin Vassallo

Arena: MVP Arena
City: Albany, NY

Nick Aldis opens the show in the ring and introduces the
2024 Queen of the Ring Nia Jax.

Nia quickly calls out Bayley. As Bayley comes to the ring
she is attacked by Piper Niven and Chelsea Green. Chelsea
tells Nia she doesn’t have to worry about facing Bayley at
SummerSlam because Piper is going to be the champion at that
time and Nia says she doesn’t care who the champion is she
is going to annihilate her.

AJ Styles is waiting for Nick Aldis, and he asked for some
time to address his future tonight.

Tommaso Ciampa VS. Austin Theory

Grayson Waller went over and started yelling at Barrett on
commentary and Theory asked him what he was doing. Waller
gets on the apron to try to explain when Ciampa runs Theory
into Waller and rolls Theory up for the pin.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Aldis is back in his office with Blair Davenport, when Naomi
busted in and interrupts and demands her and Bayley get a
match with Piper Niven and Chelsea Green and Blair said she
was upset with the interruption and Nick said she got it

LA Knight comes in and he is looking for Logan Paul and Nick
tells him to take a seat.

Back from break we saw LA Knight leaving Aldis’ office and
Kayla Braxton asked him how his conversation went. He said
Paul isn’t here this week. Knight then challenged Logan Paul
when Carmelo Hayes walked in. Told Knight he is him and
walked away.

Andrade VS. Apollo Crews

Angel came down to ringside and distracted Apollo and
Andrade was able to hit the corkscrew suplex and get the

Winner: Andrade

The rest of Legado Del Fantasma came out and waited at the
top of the ramp and Andrade just walked to the back right
through them.

As Solo was getting Tama and Loa ready for tonight, Paul
Heyman came in and talked with Solo about having a strategy
and when Roman comes back, they need to have Cody Rhodes in
check. Solo tells him they have Cody in check, and he
doesn’t even know it and Paul says Solo who are we? Just
then Kevin Owens comes out and Solo tells Paul to handle

Kevin Owens is now in the ring. Kevin said he went to Saudi
Arabia to have Randy’s back and he isn’t here tonight due to
his knee. But Solo and his people are there, and Paul Heyman
comes out and wanted to talk to Kevin and the crowd chanted
“we want Roman.” Paul said there is not one person here who
wants Roman here more than Paul does. Paul then tells Kevin
he had Roman’s respect. He then tells Kevin to please back
off the Bloodline.

Kevin asked Paul why he should ever trust anything that ever
came out of his mouth because that is what you do. Paul then
flips out saying he is a Hall of Fame wise man why won’t
anyone listen to him and throws the microphone and hit Kevin
with it accidentally.

Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa came out and The Street
Profits are out to help Kevin.

The Street Profits VS. Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa

Ford hits the splash on Tama and Tonga comes in and hits
Ford with a face drop and got the win.

Winners: Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa

Indi Hartwell confronted Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair and
accused them of hurting Candace LeRae.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Michin and Kayla asked if AJ
Styles was going to announce his retirement tonight when Nia
Jax comes in and interrupts. Michin asked why everyone keeps
interrupting her and Nia says I am the queen and don’t step
to me, so Michin stepped closer to her, and Nia said you are
going to regret that.

Bayley & Naomi VS. Chelsea Green & Piper Niven

As Naomi comes goes for the pin on Chelsea, Piper comes in
and saves the match then takes out Naomi and lays Chelsea on
top of her and they get the win.

Winners: Chelsea Green & Piper Niven

In the back, LA Knight stops AJ Styles and asked if the
rumors are true respect. AJ smiled and walked away. Cody
Rhodes then shook AJ’s hand then the O.C. hug AJ and AJ said
you guys have been through it all with me and they followed

AJ Styles comes out to the ring with the O.C. AJ said he
understood Nick Aldis saying if he wanted another chance at
Cody Rhodes he would have to go to the back of the line and
at this point in his career he just cannot do that. He
talked about his son graduating and being there for it and
maybe it’s time for him to just stay home and be a
phenomenal father.

He then called the O.C. over and he told them he loved them,
and they are like his brothers. They did the too sweet and
hugged. AJ then asked Cody Rhodes to come out.

Cody comes to the ring. AJ tells Cody he had one of his best
matches with him in France. And he said this is still the
house that AJ Styles built and he called Cody out to hand
him the keys. Cody then thanked him, and they hugged. Cody
then raised AJ’s arm on all four sides of the ring and on
the fourth it was AJ who clotheslined and started stomping

Styles then throws Cody into the steel ring steps and the
steps came apart and after ramming Cody’s head into the ring
post, Styles hit the Styles Clash off the half step onto the

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