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AEW DYNAMITE was broadcast live on TBS from the fabulous KIA
Forum in Los Angeles, CA!

Excalibur, Taz, and Tony Schiavone were the broadcast team
for tonight’s event.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

The show kicked off with “The CEO” Mercedes Moné’s TBS
Championship Celebration!

Mercedes: “Please say hello to your CEO and your new TBS
Champion! Wasn’t I worth the wait? Didn’t I tell you Moné
changes everything? At Double or Nothing we celebrated five
years of AEW and the return of me!

“This past Sunday, Willow and I tore the house down. She
gave me the fight of my life. But damn, girl, you are just
way too nice. I could have told you that Kris and Stokely
were going to screw you over. When you return, I hope you
return better than ever and kick Kris and Stokely’s asses.

“Now back to my celebration. Being the CEO and the new face
of TBS puts a big target on my back. We are only four weeks
away from Forbidden Door…”

Skye Blue appeared on the big screen. She showed footage of
when Alex Marvez was interviewing Mercedes and Mercedes got
ambushed in the dark.

Skye: “That was some of my best work but I’m just getting

Back in the ring, Skye Blue snuck up behind Mercedes and
wiped her out! Skye held the TBS Championship belt while
holding down Mercedes with her knee.

House of the Dragon Whose House Match!

AEW World Champion Swerve Stickland (c.) (with Prince Nana)
The Patriarchy’s Killswitch!

Killswitch shoved Swerve over the top rope with a hand to
the throat. Swerve kicked Killswitch and then dropkicked
Killswitch, knocking Killswitch to the mat. Swerve nailed
Killswitch with a draping neck breaker from the edge of the
ring to the arena floor!

Killswitch grabbed Swerve’s arm and yanked Swerve off the
ring apron and into the steel ring steps. The champion
rallied back with a flurry of European Uppercuts. Swerve
suplexed Killswitch. Swerve was looking for Big Pressure,
but Killswitch escaped. Killswitch headbutted Swerve and
then choke slammed Swerve for a near fall.

Killswitch grabbed a steel chair and almost clocked Swerve
with it until Prince Nana grabbed it out of Killswitch’s
hands. Swerve took down Killswitch with the Swerve Stomp
from the apron to the arena floor. Swerve went for the House
Call, but Killswitch choke slammed Swerve and followed up
with a standing moonsault.

Swerve ducked the Extinction lariat. Swerve rocked
Killswitch with the House Call! Swerve jumped to the top
turnbuckle and smashed Killswitch with the Swerve Stomp for
a two-count! Swerve served up a second House Call and scored
the pinfall victory over Killswitch!

Prince Nana handed Swerve a pair of scissors. Swerve chopped
off Killswitch’s braid and took it as a trophy.

Tony Schiavone had an announcement to share from Tony Khan.

Per Tony Khan, Mercedes will have her first title defense
tonight against Skye Blue!

It was the debut of TV Time with “The Learning Tree” FTW
Champion Chris Jericho!

Big Bill introduced Jericho and the FTW Champ walked down to
the ring.

Jericho: “Who wants more TV time? You know I do! I wanted to
thanks to all of you branches who sat under the learning
tree and made me and Redwood number one. I was able to
retain my title at Double Or Nothing. Shibata and Hook
dumped me on my head and boy does it still smart.

“Many talk about wanting to sit under the learning tree but
very few walk the walk. Let’s welcome to TV Time— “The
Bounty Hunter” Bryan Keith!”

Bryan Keith walked down to the ring. Keith and Jericho shook

Jericho: “Now Bryan, I want to ask you, what made you want
to get sucked into the Jericho Vortex and become a disciple
of the Jericho Learning Tree?”

Bryan Keith: “Chris, I notice a lack of respect for you here
in AEW. Honestly, I can’t believe more people didn’t jump at
the opportunity.”

Jericho: “The lesson here is if you want something, you go
and grab it, and that’s what you did. You’re a bad man.”

Big Bill: “I’d even say he’s a bad apple.”

Jericho: “You’re allowed to stay under the Learning Tree and
in the Jericho Vortex as long as you want, Bryan.”

HOOK stormed down to the ring. Security separated HOOK from
the ring. Samoa Joe came out of nowhere and whispered in
HOOK’s ear. HOOK pointed at Jericho and left with Samoa Joe!

“What did Samoa Joe say to HOOK?” wondered Excalibur.

A video package aired highlighting NJPW Strong Women’s
Champion, CMLL World Women’s Champion, and CMLL World
Women’s Tag Team Champion Stephanie Vaquer ahead of
Forbidden Door!

IWGP World Heavyweight Championship Eliminator Match!
Jon Moxley (c.) vs. Rocky Romero!

Rocky went right after Moxley’s arm, walloped Mox with
kicks. Moxley grabbed Rocky and pummeled him with hammer and
anvil strikes and kicks to the spine. Rocky jumped off the
turnbuckle and stomped on Moxley’s arm.

Moxley knocked Rocky off the barricade with a lariat. Rocky
turned things around, whipping Moxley into the steel ring
steps. Moxley chomped on Rocky’s forehead. Moxley
superplexed Rocky back into the ring.

Jon Moxley planted Rocky with an explosive cutter in the
center of the ring. Rocky rallied back with a DDT. Rocky
applied an arm bar on Moxley. Moxley escaped and put Rocky
in the bulldog choke. Rocky snuck out and snapped Mox’s left
arm backwards!

Rocky took Moxley off the ropes with a flying arm bar. Rocky
pulled back on Moxley’s left arm. Moxley got on his feet and
stomped his way out of the arm bar. Moxley hit a King Kong
Lariat and then spiked Rocky with the Death Rider for the
victory via pin!

Don Callis came down to the ring to present a contract to
the newest potential member of the Don Callis Family!

Don Callis: “I have something important to tell you. This
contract in my hand is more valuable than gold. This is a
contract to work with the Don Callis Family. It’s been one
of the great pleasures of my life to be able to scout a
talent like Orange Cassidy. In fact, when I see Orange, I
see myself.”

“Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy came down to the ring.

Don Callis: “This is the moment the world has been waiting
for, Orange. Orange, you are truly an iconic performer in
this industry. You truly are a star wherever you go. You’ve
been confused with some bad choices but I’m here to work
with you. I’m here to welcome you with this contract to be a
part of the Don Callis Family. I already filled it all out
for you.”

Orange took the contract and ripped the paperwork in half!

Orange: “Hey, Don, no.”

Orange turned to walk away, and Don pulled him back!

Don: “Who do you think you’re talking to?”

Stokely Hathaway and Kris Statlander walked down to the

Stokely: “Orange, I don’t like the way you walk or talk.
You’re just like Willow. The only reason I’m out here is
because of Kris.”

Kris: “On behalf of my best friend, I’m here to announce
that he accepts your invitation to the Don Callis Family.”

Trent appeared in the ring and ambushed Orange Cassidy with
a charging strike! Trent ground and pounded Orange, beating
Orange to a pulp.

“Orange Cassidy is busted open!” said Excalibur.

Trent and Don Callis hugged, and at their feet, a bloody,
battered Orange writhed in pain.

“Trent Beretta is in the Don Callis Family!” said Taz.

Renee Paquette was backstage with “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard
and Daniel Garcia!

Garcia: “This place is full of blood hungry killers, and I
love it. But I feel like I’m trudging through mud. I feel
like it might be time to take these muddy boots and walk
across the red carpet. Will Ospreay, I’m going to climb up
the rankings and take that title from you. I’m going to make
your bags lighter on those international flights,

TBS Championship Match!
“The CEO” Mercedes Moné’s (c.) vs. Skye Blue!

Skye whipped Mercedes into the corner. Mercedes dodged Skye
and countered with an arm drag. Mercedes smashed Skye with a
diving meteora from the apron to the arena floor. Skye
rallied back with a draping neck breaker for a near fall on

Mercedes cracked Skye with a backstabber. Mercedes climbed
the turnbuckles, but Skye kicked her in the face. Skye went
for a power bomb, but Mercedes reversed it. Skye Blue
hoisted up Mercedes and planted her for a near fall. Skye
went for the Code Blue, but Mercedes countered with the Moné
Maker and pinned Skye Blue!

After the match, CMLL’s Stephanie Vaquer walked onto the
ramp and held up her NJPW Strong Women’s Champion title!

Mercedes grinned and held up her TBS Championship title.

Renee Paquette was backstage standing outside of the AEW
Medical Staff’s room.

Renee was looking for an update on Orange Cassidy after he
was attacked early by Trent.

Kris Statlander and Stokely Hathaway walked onto the scene
and interrupted her.

Stokely: “Excuse me. Willow Nightingale. You never cease to
amaze me, and I don’t mean that in a good way. Willow, this
started weeks ago. The four-way for the TBS Title back in
March. You were in that match with Kris, and you didn’t
listen to Kris about how much she wanted that belt. But I
listened. Ladies and gentlemen, the new and improved Kris

Statlander: “Thank you. I do something for myself once and I
get booed for it. This is exactly why I had to make the
change that I did. I am done being the protector. You’re all
going to need protection from me!”

A video package aired showcasing the return of MJF and his
signing with AEW for the long term!

Up next: The EVPs—AEW World Tag Team Champions Matthew and
Nicholas Jackson—addressed the future of the TNT
Championship after the devastating injury to TNT Champion
Adam Copeland at AEW DOUBLE OR NOTHING this past weekend!

Matthew and Nicholas Jackson were joined by the rest of The
Elite—AEW Continental Champion “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika
Okada and “The Scapegoat” Jack Perry.

Nicholas: “What a fantastic week it’s been for the Elite. On
Monday we released our Reebok Pumps on and
it’s become the hottest selling Reebok shoe in multiple
years. And that performance by these two, our colleagues,
they were unbelievable, so me and Matthew came out here
bearing gifts. It’s a small gift Okada, but take a look, we
got you something.”

A custom Lamborghini pulled up outside the arena for Okada!

Okada: “Oh my god! Is this a dream?”

Nicholas: “You deserve it!”

Matthew: “Onto business. At Double Or Nothing at the TNT
Championship Match, Adam Copeland was badly injured. And
that’s on me. Because before he walked out, I told Adam to
break a leg. I jinxed him and I’m sorry about that. But
Adam, we’re thinking about you, we’re praying for you, and
we hope you come back stronger. I’m sorry, man, that just

“However as EVPs we have to make the tough decisions. So,
Adam Copeland, tonight you are hereby stripped of the TNT
Title. But the network is all on our case and they said we
need a new champion. And we know just the guy.

“After the biggest pinfall victory of his entire career at
Anarchy in the Arena, I present to you the newest TNT
Champion “The Scapegoat” Jack Perry!”

Christopher Daniels: “Wait just a second. The last time we
spoke we were talking about some kind of severance package
for me. But I wanted to let you know that I don’t need that
package anymore because I’ve got a brand new job. Tony Khan
has named me the interim executive vice president which
means when I make an announcement it’s coming directly from
Tony Khan himself.

“Now as far as this championship goes, we’re not giving it
away. We’re AEW, where the best wrestle. Jack Perry if you
want to be a champion in this company, you’ve got to earn
it. And you’ll do just that. Because in the next few weeks,
we’re going to have qualifying matches. Matches with no
seconds, no managers at ringside, no outside interference.
The winners of those matches will go on to Forbidden Door to
wrestle for the vacant TNT Championship in a ladder match!
And the first qualifying match is going to happen on Rampage
this Friday night!”

Matthew: “We’re happy that you’re back. Let’s go tell him
how happy that he’s back here in AEW.”

The Elite left the ring and approached Christopher Daniels
until The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass walked out to even up the

“That should slow down the Elite. The Acclaimed with a big
save for Christopher Daniels,” said Excalibur.

AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland was backstage with
Prince Nana!

Swerve: “At Double Or Nothing I got to take down Christian
Cage. Tonight, I gave Killswitch a kill shot. Now I’m
curious to see who my next challenger is going to be. Who’s
going to be the next contender against Swerve for the AEW
World Championship? I’ll be watching.”

Rush was backstage and had strong words for MJF ahead of
MJF’s return to Dynamite next week!

“MJF, remember, you mess with the bull, you get the horns!”

Forbidden Door Casino Gauntlet Match!

The winner will face the AEW World Champion at FORBIDDEN
DOOR 2024!

“Switchblade” Jay White was the first entrant. “The Bastard”
Pac came to the ring next.

Pac went right after Jay White with a pump kick! Pac whipped
Jay White into the barricade. Pac took down Jay White with a
step up hurracanrana in the ring. Pac blasted Jay White with
a shotgun dropkick off the top rope for a near fall.

The third entrant was CMLL’s Mistico! Mistico took down Pac
with a thrust kick. As Jay White and Pac slugged it out on
the arena floor, Mistico took flight off the top rope with a
cross body press, knocking both men down!

The fourth man was newly crowned AEW International Champion
Will Ospreay! “The Aerial Assassin” chopped at Jay White.
Pac jumped in and rolled up Ospreay for a near fall. Mistico
rocked Pac with a thrust kick. Shota Umino was the next
contestant to enter the match!

Umino clubbed Mistico. Umino hit a running uppercut to
Ospreay. Umino connected with a dropkick to Will! Umino
spiked Ospreay with two DDTs! Umino went for the cover, but
Jay White broke up the pin. Jay White blistered Umino’s
chest with chops.

Out next—Claudio Castagnoli! Claudio booted Umino. Claudio
plastered Pac with a running European Uppercut. Claudio
hurled Jay White in the Giant Swing! Lio Rush was the next
wrestler to enter the match. Lio had a stare down with
Claudio. Lio threw his body into Claudio. Lio clocked Umino
with a toe kick.

Orange Cassidy staggered to the ring, bandaged up. Orange
hit the Stun Dog Millionaire and then a DDT on Claudio. Jay
White jumped in and dropped Will with a dragon suplex.
CMLL’s Hechicero came into the match next! Hechicero put
Ospreay into an arm bar, but Ospreay escaped thanks to
offense from Orange. Mistico wiped out Hechicero with a
diving hurracanrana.

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Juice Robinson ran to the ring and assisted Jay White,
knocking Pac off the turnbuckles. Ospreay nailed Jay White
with the Hidden Blade! Will served up an Os-Cutter to Orange
and pinned Orange!

“The AEW International Champion has earned a shot at the AEW
World Champion at Forbidden Door on June 30th!” said

AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland and Prince Nana came to
the ring!

Swerve and Ospreay had a stare down as the show went off the

***Special Programming Notes: This Friday tune in to AEW
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