NXT ON USA: May 28 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 5/29/124 by Bob Magee

Opening the show is NXT General Manager Ava, and she
introduces Sexyy Red. She is put over as a star. Sexyy Red
joins Ava in the ring, where Red announces that she is set
to host for Battleground.

Red and Ava then unveil the NXT Women’s North American
Championship belt. Gold medallions accented with red on a
white leather strap, Red held it up for the audience to see.
Tatum Paxley comes crawling into the ring, and she tries to
take the belt away from Red.

As a tug-of-war ensues over the belt between Red and Paxley,
Michin runs in to save Red. Michin begins to brawl with
Paxley, which leads into the opening match.

Michin defeated Tatum Paxley to qualify for the NXT Women’s
North American Championship ladder match

Michin pinned Paxley to win the match. In winning, Michin
qualifies for a spot in the championship ladder match at

Jaida Parker walks down to ringside as the match is
underway. Parker provides guest commentary, joining Booker T
and Vic Joseph at the announce desk. Meanwhile, Michin and
Paxley wrestle through a split-screen commercial break.

The match really picked up in the closing moments. They did
a spot where Paxley is trying to play mind games, so Michin
gets on her level… literally. Michin lands in the ropes
tranquilo style, while Paxley bends herself backwards in a
creepy pose. Michin then crouches down and crawls to met
Paxley face to face. Michin does the too sweet hand sign,
and then they start trading counters. Michin gets a two
count with an inside cradle, and they head home. Michin
ducks and catches Paxley with her finisher. Michin then
covers Paxlet for a pinfall.

Three of the Meta-Four confront two of Gallus in a backstage
skit. Lash Legend, Jakara Jackson and Oro Mensah together
look to accuse Mark and Joe Coffey of attacking Noam Dar.
Gallus denies the accusation, and they storm off. Mensah
then says it must be Trick Williams, but Legend is again
adamant he did not do it.

In another skit, Arianna Grace tries to reason with Lola
Vice about accepting the challenge for an Underground match
at Battleground. Grace cautions Vice about such a match
against Shayna Baszler. With the setting, the bad acting,
and the outfits, it came off silly. Vice did sort of save
the skit at the end with a warning that she too is dangerous
in the cage. Grace then dropped a curse word, but it was
bleeped out. The point of all this is to set up a match for
later on with Vice against Grace.

Ridge Holland defeated Riley Osborne (with Thea Hail, Andre
Chase & Duke Hudson)

Plodding along at first, both spill to the outside. Osborne
takes an ugly bump on the floor as they spilled out of the
ring. With both down selling at ringside, the show cuts to a
commercial break.

Holland cuts off Osborne when he attempted a dive. Holland
then goes to use the ring steps, but Thea Hail uses a Jedi
mind trick to talk Holland out of using the steps as a
weapon. The fight continues in the ring. When Osborne goes
to jump off the middle rope, Holland trips him up with a
kick. Osborne crashes into the ring, and Holland goes for a
finisher. Holland executes The Redeemer, and Holland scores
a three count.

This was supposed to settle the issue between Holland and
Osborne, or so Chase U thought it did. Holland helps Osborne
to his feet, and Holland offers a handshake. Osborne instead
storms off and leaves in a huff. Bless his heart, he must be
a sore loser.

Kelly Kincaid interviews The Good Brothers, where Karl
Anderson & Doc Gallows cut promos on the NXT Tag Team
Champions Nathan Frazier & Axiom. They accuse the champs of
ducking them.

There is a phantom attack backstage in a Tonya Harding angle
of sorts. Cut to Oro Mensah, who was apparently ambushed in
a sneak attack by an unknown assailant.

Malik Blade & Edris Enofe (with Brinley Reece) defeated Karl
Anderson & Doc Gallows

Anderson pinned Enfoe after a Magic Killer. Not only did
this match help set up a a tag title match, it continued
whatever storyline they are doing with the bad luck gimmick.

The streak of bad luck continues for Enofe. Blade collides
with Enofe on the apron, and Enofe is sent crashing on
Reece. She take a bump on the floor, and Enofe calls for the
referees to check on Reece. They help Reece to her feet, and
she is carried away as the show cuts to a commercial break.

Blade is being worked over as the show returns from the
break. Hot tag to Enofe, and he runs wild. He is cleaning
house on The O.C., until there is no water in the pool on a
leap off the top rope. Gallows then delivers a chokeslam.
Tag to Anderson. Good Brother execute Magic Killer, and
Anderson covers Enofe for a pinfall.

The tag champs, Axiom & Nathan Frazier, run in after the
match. The champs jump their perspective challengers. After
the brawling stops, Frazier & Axiom cut a promo where they
accept the challenge issued earlier in the show. The O.C.
against Axiom & Frazier for the NXT Tag Team Championship is
set for Battleground.

Dante Chen is the focus of a video package, which plays off
his upset win last week over Lexis King. In a locker room
skit, King and Chen set up a rematch for tonight.

Trick Williams and Je’Von Evans are preparing in the locker
room for their match tonight. Sexyy Red twerks her way into
the scene and she wishes them luck on their match. Evans
asks Red to be in their corner for the match, and Red

TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace revealed as the
opponent for Roxanne Perez at Battleground for the NXT
Women’s Championship

Perez enters the ring for a monologue, where she talks about
being the only champion truly committed to the NXT title.
She has been preparing for nine years to become NXT champ.
She does not care about Raw or Smackdown, she wanted to be
NXT Women’s Champion. Before her reign the title meant ”
future greatness instead of present greatness,” but she is
true greatness.

Perez finds it disrespectful to have to find out her next
opponent this way. As the best women’s champ in wrestling,
Perez demands respect. Out comes GM Ava to interrupt Perez,
since seemingly every monologue in NXT must be interrupted
by someone. At least this was worth the payoff.

Ava then introduces Perez’s opponent as TNA Knockouts
Champion Jordynne Grace. She enters to a big pop, and Grace
gets in the ring to confront Perez. Grace cuts a promo that
concludes with her saying she is prepared to leave Las Vegas
as a double champion.

Eddy Thorpe is featured in a vignette with fire. Thorpe is
cleansed in the fire, and he is reborn.

Tensions flare within Chase U in a backstage skit. Riley
Osborne still does not trust Ridge Holland, and Duke Hudson
agrees with him. That upsets Thea Hail, and she storms off
muttering about having a “whole ass match next week” to
prepare for with Jazmyn Nyz. Holland walks up, and Chase
tries to no sell the drama.

Lola Vice defeated Arianna Grace

Vice pinned Grace in a short match. This was basically an
enhancement match to build up Vice, while also leading into
the post-match angle with Shayna Baszler.

Grace got some early offense, and she even got a two count
with a backslide. Vice would soon begin to pummel Grace.
Although Grace fights back, Grace cuts her off back fist.
Grace then covers her for a pinfall.

Vice dances to celebrate, and then she cuts a promo on
Baszler. Vice says Baszler has two options in the
Underground match, either tap out or get knocked out. Vice
concludes, “You choose, bitch!”

Out comes Baszler, teasing a brawl. Security geeks and
officials pour out to separate the two, and they are held
back. Good post-match angle.

Carlee Bright is the focus of a vignette that focused on her
background as a competitive cheerleader.

Natalya is in the locker room with Bright and others when up
walks Izzi Dame. Words are exchanged, and Dame insults
Nattie. Natalya’s partner, Karmen Petrovic, takes exception
to Dame disrespecting Nattie. Petrovic brawls with Dame,
seemingly setting up a match between the two.

Dante Chen defeated Lexis King

Chen wins again in this rematch. The bout itself was rather
short, and the finish was sudden. Although not a fluke, Chen
basically caught King out of nowhere. King delivered a
jackhammer for a near fall. King argues with the referee
over the cover, allowing Chen to catch him with a crucifix.
Chen scores another clean three count on King.

Angry over a second loss to Chen, King attacks Chen after
the match. King stomps on Chen and slaps him. King drags
Chen out of the ring, and King pulls the protective mat to
expose the concrete. King then executes The Coronation on
the floor. Chen is left laid out.

Josh Briggs is the focus of a video package. This plays on
his journey in NXT, but he is not sure who he is now.
Repacking maybe?

Kelani Jordan defeated Wren Sinclair to qualify for the NXT
Women’s North American Championship ladder match

Jordan pinned Sinclair after a split-legged moonsault. In
winning, Jordan becomes the final woman to qualify for the
championship ladder match at Battleground.

Fallon Henley is at the announce desk to provide guest
commentary throughout the match, but she does not play into
the match. Jordan does give her a smirk after the match.

A skit in Ava’s office sets up a match for next Tuesday with
Jordynne Grace against Stevie Turner in non-title singles
match. Turner was in Ava’s office alongside Mr. Stone.
Turner is upset that Grace is getting a title shot ahead of
her. In walks Grace to confront Turner, and Grace challenges
Turner to a match next week.

Kelly Kincaid interviews Wes Lee, when in comes NXT North
American Champion Oba Femi to interrupt. Lee and Femi
exchange words.

NXT Champion Trick Williams & Je’Von Evans (with Sexyy Red)
vs. Mark & Joe Coffey

Williams pinned Mark Coffey to win the match. Sexyy Red got
involved during the match in a spot with Joe Coffey

The tag match itself goes through a commercial break. Just
before the break, Red twerks as Williams and Evans pose.
This is after they cleaned house. The tide turns during the
break, and Evans is getting worked over when the show

Hot tag to Trick, and he is on fire. Double uranage by Trick
on both members of Gallus. Williams tries to cover both, but
they kick out at two. The match continues with a two count
on Williams. The babyfaces rally, leading to a double down
in the ring.

Williams and Mark Coffey are exchanging strikes in the ring.
After a near fall on Trick, Mark motions to Joe Coffey. Joe
tries to takes the NXT Championship belt, but is met by
Sexyy Red. She grabs the belt, and there is a tug-of-war.
This is the second such tug-of-war for Red tonight, and she
is again saved by a babyface character. Evans leaps through
the ropes to wipe out Joe. Meanwhile in the ring, Trick
drops Mark with Trick’s signature running knee strike. Trick
the covers Mark for a pinfall.

Red is celebrating with Williams & Evans when out comes Lash
Legend. Red and Evans leave the ring so that Legend can
speak to Williams. Legend asks Williams if he attacked Noam
Dar and Oro Mensah. Williams begins to speak when the arena
lights go dark.

Ethan Page debuts in NXT with a sneak attack on Trick

The lights come up and Ethan Page is in the ring for a sneak
attack on Williams. Vic Joseph on commentary at first
wonders who is attacking Williams. Joseph then identifies
Page by name.

“Wasn’t he in A-E…” Joseph wonders aloud, but he trails off
as Page grabs a microphone. Page identifies himself as the
assailant that attacked both Dar and Mensah. Page then
delivers a hip attack on Williams, and he poses with the NXT
title belt as the show goes off air.

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