MERCEDES MONE: Mercedes Mone says AEW saved her life

Posted on 5/27/124 by Colin Vassallo

In her first post-show press conference as TBS champion,
Mercedes Mone claimed that AEW has “saved her life.”

She said that this company gave her new hope, new dreams,
new chances, and new opportunities against a roster that is
legit one of the best.

“People think that WWE is the only place, and I think
tonight we showed the wrestling world that it’s not the only
place,” Mone said with a happy Tony Khan next to her. “AEW
is where the best wrestle.”

She put over Double or Nothing as a great show and after
five years of this incredible company, they cannot be

“This is the place to celebrate wrestling,” she said.

Asked why she waited until May to wrestle when she was
actually cleared in December of last year, Mone said that
she had been speaking with Tony Khan for a while and he came
up with the idea to debut in Boston in March and then asked
her if she can wait till May to debut on the fifth
anniversary show.

“Bitch, I’ve been waiting for a whole year of course I can
wait,” she said as Khan laughed.

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