ALL ELITE WRESTLING/DOUBLE OR NOTHING: MJF returns at Double or Nothing, says he’s not “f*cking going anywhere”

Posted on 5/27/124 by Colin Vassallo

Sporting a denim/leather jacket similar
to Triple H’s return at Madison Square
Garden in January 2002, former AEW World
champion MJF made a spectacular return
at Double or Nothing last night in Las

A jacked-up MJF interrupted an Adam Cole
in-ring promo and Cole asked for a hug.
In return, he got a low blow and a brain
buster before he cleared the ring.

MJF said that unlike many people in the
back, he didn’t need New Japan or Vince
McMahon to make him a star and MJF made
MJF a star. The former champ said that
there will be no more bullshit or
kangaroo kicks and this is all about
hate. The Devil mask which Cole had was
still in the ring and MJF went all
Nature Boy in, dropping an elbow, saying
it’s dumb and that he does not need a
mask to show on what level he is.

Addressing his contractual status, MJF
then told the cameraman to zoom on his
calf, where he revealed a tattoo which
said Bet on Yourself and the AEW logo.

“You can call me the Wolf of Wrestling
because I’m not f*cking leaving,” he
said to a big pop from the crowd.

The fired up MJF then posed on the
turnbuckles, showing his new, lean

MJF has not appeared on AEW television
since the Worlds End pay-per-view in
December 2023 where he lost the title to
Samoa Joe.

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