Joe Hendry speaks out about his TNA run, wanting to work with LA Knight, his future

Posted on 5/24/124 by Phil Johnson

NA Wrestling star Joe Hendry recently joined for
an exclusive in-depth interview. During the discussion,
Hendry opened up about his current TNA run, wanting to work
with LA Knight, his future, and more. You can read the
entire interview by clicking here.

You can watch the complete interview below:

Here are some highlights:

On LA Knight:

“So, the thing is people didn’t know that I didn’t have a
Visa. I could not work in the United States, I was only
allowed to do shows in Canada and Mexico. So, people think
that it was a failed first run because I was only there
three or four times, it was the only show in Canada and
Mexico. I literally couldn’t continue my run because I
didn’t have the Visa to do so. Me and LA Knight worked
together three times, in a small program. I think we had the
potential to do something special with that. I think he’s
phenomenally talented. He doesn’t always get to verbally
spar with someone who can give it back. I don’t think he was
used to that. When someone gets under your skin a little bit
and blurs the lines, it brings out the absolute best in you.
So, as you saw Jordynne Grace at the Royal Rumble, nothing
is off the table now. There’s a lot of money to be made in
me versus LA Knight. I think the fans would want to see that

His current run with TNA:

“I’ve now realized with experience, that before you get
creative freedom in what you do, you have to build equity
with the fans and management. It’s about consistency. When
they book a Joe Hendry, they know exactly what they’re going
to get. I had to display consistency when it came to
entertainment over a long period. I think that’s why I was
ready to have this feud with AJ Francis and Rich Swann. I
realized it was not easy coming up with all of those videos.
It was a lot of work between filming, editing, and things
like that. It’s a grind, but it was worth every second. Rich
is a former World Champion and another world-class wrestler.
AJ, he’s super underrated. He understands TV wrestling more
than the fans will give him credit for, but that doesn’t
take away that he fell over and I need to make fun of him
for it, you know? He’s talented in what he does, and having
him to bounce off of on TV, this was never meant to be a
long-term thing, but it just gained traction, so we just
kept going.”

His future and goals:

“So, here’s the thing. I’ve learned that when you let go of
the big goals in favor of just trying to be as good as you
can be, with whatever you’re given next, the big goals come
anyway. I don’t know what’s next for me. I feel like I’ve
earned an opportunity to step up. But we shall see. We have
the huge champions vs. challengers match that’s coming up on
TV, and I’m fortunate enough to be in that. That’s going to
be an opportunity for me to show that I’m a main eventer and
someone who can draw money for this company. That’s my goal.
I want to be someone who this company can count on, can draw
money, and draw people to be the building. That’s my goal
and that’s what we’re trying to do here.”

Hendry also discussed how well his “I Believe in Joe Hendry”
song is doing on all the charts, combining music with pro
wrestling, the importance of the TNA name, and more. You can
check out the complete interview at this link.

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