RASSLIN RADIO RELIVED: Carmela's Rasslin Radio Relived Episode #8 with Brian Tramel and Jeannie Siciliano

Posted on 5/22/124 by Brian Tramel

In the golden era of professional wrestling, from 1985 to
1989, Rasslin Radio became a staple on the airwaves of a
station in Jersey. At the heart of the show was Carmela
Panfil, a charismatic co-host whose passion for the sport
and engaging commentary captured the hearts of fans across
the region.

Now, decades later, Carmela is reviving the glory days by
launching her own podcast, where she will reminisce about
the unforgettable moments and share behind-the-scenes
stories from her time on Rasslin Radio. As she kicks off her
inaugural episode, listeners eagerly anticipate a nostalgic
journey back to the heyday of wrestling, guided by the voice
that once dominated the airwaves.

Welcome to episode #7 of Carmela Panfil's Rasslin Radio
Relived. In this episode with Brian Tramel, he joins Rasslin
Radio in June, 1986, then BT & Jeannie Siciliano & Carmela
talk to Joel Goodhart.

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