NXT ON USA: May 21 results (Fightful.com)

Posted on 5/22/124 by Bob Magee

NXT Women's North American Championship - Ladder Match
Qualifier: Fallon Henley def. Thea Hail (w/ Ridge Holland,
Andre Chase, Riley Osbourne & Duke Hudson) via Pinfall
(Shinning Wizard).

Jasmyn Nyxx attacked Hail after the match before catching
her with a Pele Kick.

NXT Tag Champions Axiom & Nathan Frazer congratulated Tony
D'Angelo for winning the Heritage Cup. Adrianna Rizzo,
Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo & Luca Crucifino then asked Axiom
& Frazer if they were ducking anyone. Still, Frazer said
they would not randomly gift title shots to Main Roster
Talents but would give title shots to NXT Talents. This led
to Crucifino & Stacks challenging Frazer & Axiom for the
belts, which Axiom & Frazer accepted.

Kelly Kincaid interviewed Gallus (Mark Coffey, Joe Coffey &
Wolfgang) backstage, where they addressed their return last
week. Joe Coffey said the only way to get noticed in NXT was
to make a lot of noise, which is why they attacked Josh
Briggs, Wes Lee & Ivar and promised that he would show NXT
North American Champion Oba Femi how tough Gallus was. Mark
Coffey then ended the statements by saying the days of the
NXT Roster being comfortable were over because Gallus was

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: SuperSonic Duo (Nathan
Frazer & Axiom) (c) def. The D'Angelo Family (Channing
"Stacks" Lorenzo & Luca Crucifino) (w/ Adrianna Rizzo & Tony
D'Angelo) via Pinfall (Inside Cradle).

The finish came when No Quarter Catch Club (Damon Kemp,
Myles Borne & Charlie Dempsey) attacked Tony D'Angelo,
allowing Frazer to catch Stacks in an inside cradle for the

The Good Brothers ("The Big LG" Luke Gallows & "The Machine
Gun" Karl Anderson) attacked Axiom & Frazer after the match.
Robert Stone spoke with a Performance Center recruit before
Lexis King interrupted and talked trash to Stone before NXT
General Manager Ava met them. Ava told King he had a match

Chase University (Riley Osbourne, Andre Chase, Thea Hail &
Duke Hudson) spoke backstage before Ridge Holland appeared.
Osbourne & Holland got into a heated argument before Chase
told them to solve their issues in the ring.

NXT North American Championship - #1 Contender's Triple
Threat Match: Wes Lee & Joe Coffey (w/ Wolfgang & Mark
Coffey) def. Josh Briggs via a Double Pin.

Kelly Kincaid interviewed Karmen Petrovic & Natalya, where
Petrovic said she was nervous to be in her first Main Event
but hoped to win tonight.

Brinley Reece, Malik Blade & Edris Enofe spoke backstage,
where Enofe & Blade said he would not accompany Reece
tonight because Enofe had bad luck.

Oba Femi met with Ava, who informed Femi he would now
compete in a Triple-Threat Match based on the Double Pin. At
Battleground, Oba Femi will defend the NXT North American
Championship against Wes Lee & Joe Coffey at NXT

NXT Women's North American Championship - Ladder Match
Qualifier: Jaida Parker def. Brinley Reece via Pinfall (Hip

Jasmyn Nyxx congratulated Fallon Henley on qualifying but
said that she waited until the match to finish so she could
attack Thea Hail before saying Fallon Henley had no one to
accompany her.

There was a vignette of someone in their Pajamas walking out
of their bed after waking up.

NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez cut a vignette, where she
said that the title was her why and that she was simply
better than everyone in NXT. Perez said the title was all
she cared about and she only saw "The Prodigy" every time
she looked in the mirror.

Ava watched the vignette and revealed Roxanne Perez would
know who would challenge for the NXT Women's Title at NXT
Battleground next week.

Lexis King walked to the ring for his match, where he
bragged that he was undefeated in 2024. Robert Stone walked
down the ramp and revealed that Lexis King's opponent would
be Dante Chen.

Dante Chen (w/ Robert Stone) def. Lexis King via Pinfall
(Inside Cradle).

Lola Vice spoke with Shayna Baszler, and Baszler asked Vice
to leave the dancing out of the ring.

NXT Champion Trick Williams appeared for a promo, where he
made it crystal clear to Noam Dar that he did not attack him
because he would have been left unconscious. The Meta-Four's
Oro Mensah, Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson, but Joe Coffey
appeared to confront them. Gallus (Wolfgang & Mark Coffey)
attacked Williams from behind before Joe Coffey joined the
brawl. Je'Von Evans tried to make the save, but Mark Coffey
got him with a German Suplex. Gallus stood tall.

Robert Stone & Ava congratulated Dante Chen on his win
tonight, with Chen thanking Stone for the opportunity. Ava
praised Stone's work tonight.

Natalya & Karmen Petrovic def. Shayna Baszler & Lola Vice
via Pinfall (Hart Attack).

After the match, Lova Vice caught Shayna Baszler with a
Roundhouse Kick. Vice then danced on the apron, but Baszler
rose from the dead and immediately grabbed Vice in the
Kirifuda Clutch before an army of referees stopped Baszler.

Ava appeared and booked a match between the two for NXT
Battleground, but Baszler grabbed demand and demanded the
match to be in NXT Underground Rules. Vice & Baszler
continued to brawl to end the broadcast.

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