WRESTLEMANIA 40: Cody Rhodes talks about the day he found out decision to put Rock vs Roman at WrestleMania

Posted on 5/20/124 by Colin Vassallo

Appearing as a guest on Busted Open Radio today to promote
King and Queen of the Ring, Undisputed WWE champion Cody
Rhodes recounted how he found out that the company was going
the route of Rock vs Roman on the day of the Royal Rumble.

Cody said that in the upcoming WrestleMania XL documentary
that was delayed, the moment he found out about the change
of plans were caught on camera.

“I had to leave that room head up and make sure no one knew
what could possibly happen and probably one of the more
difficult days I’ve ever had in the wrestling business,”
Rhodes said, adding it was hard for him to complain knowing
he was going to win the Royal Rumble again.

“It was such a high, such a low,” he said about the day.

Cody said leading up to WrestleMania, he just couldn’t catch
a break when it came to ideal circumstances, with everything
thrown against him, including his bus catching on fire, but
was confident everything would eventually work out for the

“I was not gonna be presented with the ideal circumstances.
I had given into that and conceded that before WrestleMania
because I just had this feeling, even all the way back to
the Royal Rumble. I had this feeling that it was gonna work
out,” Cody said.

The WrestleMania XL documentary is still without a release
date although sources say it will be out very soon. The
reason for the delay is because so much footage was shot
during Mania weekend and WWE decided to expand the story of
the documentary.

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