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Three straight hours of All Elite action tonight! AEW
COLLISION & RAMPAGE were broadcast from the Moda Center in
Portland, OR!

It’s Saturday night and you know what that means! Saturday
night’s alright for fighting!

Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness were the broadcast team
for tonight’s event.

“The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay


Shane Taylor Promotions’ Shane Taylor (with Anthony Ogogo)!

Before the match began, International Champion Roderick
Strong, accompanied by ROH World Tag Team Champions Mike
Bennett and Matt Taven, walked to the broadcast booth.
Roderick joined the commentary team.

Ospreay charged and Taylor, but it was like running into a
brick wall, Taylor knocking Will right to the mat. Taylor
walloped Ospreay with a chop to the chest. Taylor told
Strong to pay attention. While Taylor was distracted,
Ospreay shoved Taylor into Taven and Bennett! Ospreay tossed
a water at Roderick, splashing him right in the face. As the
ref was dealing with the Undisputed Kingdom, Anthony Ogogo
sucker punched Will Ospreay with a right hand strike!

Back in the ring, Taylor and Ospreay exchanged chops. Will
Ospreay hit a back elbow and then a running boot to Taylor.
Will clobbered Taylor with a flying forearm to the back of
Taylor’s head for a near fall.

Taylor countered the Hidden Blade and nailed Will with a
headbutt and then a splash for a two-count. Taylor power
bombed Will and then socked Will with a left handed lariat
for a near fall.

“Look at the face of Ospreay. He may not get to Double Or
Nothing,” said Nigel.

Ospreay rallied back with a standing Spanish Fly! Taylor
blocked the Os Cutter and planted Will for a two-count.
Ospreay dazed Taylor with three thrust kicks. Ospreay hit
the Storm Driver and pinned Taylor!

“Nine wins without a loss in 2024, and number ten could come
one week from tomorrow night for the International
Championship,” said Tony Schiavone.

Roderick Strong jumped up on one side of the apron. Bennett
and Taven blindsided Ospreay from the opposite side. Ospreay
knocked them out and hit a tope con hiro on the Undisputed

IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley and Claudio
Castagnoli were backstage! Moxley had a warning for Konosuke
Takeshita ahead of their IWGP World Heavyweight Championship
Eliminator Match next Sunday at AEW Double Or Nothing.

Moxley: “Takeshita is a blue chipper, and he came after me!
What’s my secret? What’s the secret of the BCC? You get used
to being a target. Guys like you, the Don Callis Family,
you’re chasing the gold and the fame and fortune. BCC, we
don’t care about that. We do it because this is who we are.
We don’t hunt because we are hungry, we hunt because we are
lions. We don’t play for money, we play for blood.”

Claudio: “A lot of times I feel like I’m the voice of reason
in the BCC, even if no one listens, and that’s fine. But
things keep repeating and repeating and I don’t like
standing here and talking to the camera. I think what
matters is going out there and showing it week after week.

“You know how many people stand back here and practice their
lines in their mirror and then come out here and tell you
it’s been their dream their entire life. But it’s all fake
because they don’t live it. We can see through the fake.
Because you try to make a name out of us. Big mistakes.
Because you are dealing with the real deal right here.”

Moxley: “Takeshita, you started this game. At Double Or
Nothing, we’re just going to finish it.”

Orange Cassidy was backstage about to be interviewed about
Trent and their match from Dynamite two weeks ago, when Don
Callis interrupted!

Callis: “Orange, I know how hard that was. You had to put
down your best friend. I had to put down family. I know
better than anyone what you’re going through. In fact, after
what I had to do last year and put down a family member, the
best thing you can do with what you’re going through is get
right back on the horse. You need to start wrestling again.
You need some opponents. I have access to everyone.”

Callis put his arm around Orange, and they walked away
together, Callis continuing the conversation.

HOOK vs. Johnny TV (with Taya Valkyrie)!

Hook used a judo throw on Johnny TV. Johnny stunned Hook
with a running knee strike. Hook hit a belly to belly suplex
and followed up with a lariat. Hook hurled Johnny TV with
another judo throw.

Johnny retaliated with a jaw breaker. Taya distracted the
ref while Johnny connected with a springboard kick. Johnny
landed the Starship Pain on Hook for a two-count! Johnny
went for another Starship Pain, but Hook avoided it. Hook
applied the Red Rum and Johnny TV tapped out!

“Hook will go on to Dynamite in the trios qualifier match to
see if he can get another shot at the FTW Title,” said

“The Wrestler” Katsuyori Shibata vs. Rocky “Azucar” Romero!

Shibata put Rocky in a figure four leg lock early in the
match. Rocky escaped and applied the iron octopus on
Shibata. Shibata put Rocky back in the figure four. Rocky
escaped again and drilled Shibata with a tornado DDT!

Rocky double stomped Shibata off the top rope as Shibata was
draped over the middle rope. Shibata leg tripped Rocky and
then put Rocky in a leg lock. Rocky reached the ropes,
forcing the ref to break the hold. Shibata scored with a
running dropkick in the corner. Shibata rocked Rocky with a
PK kick and then put Rocky in the figure four again, and
this time Rocky tapped out!

“Shibata moves on! So now we know two men,” said Tony.

“That’s right. Shibata advances alongside Hook, and one more
competitor, and Wednesday night, and then that winner will
face Chris Jericho for the FTW Championship,” replied Nigel.

“The Bounty Hunter” Bryan Keith vs. Iron Savages’ Boulder!

Boulder picked apart Bryan Keith with short arm lariats.
Bryan Keith ran into a straight kick from Boulder. Boulder
powerslammed Bryan Keith for a near fall.

Bryan Keith stunned Boulder with a leaping European Uppercut
and then a cutter, and Bryan Keith pinned Boulder!

“It’ll be Bryan Keith, Hook, and Shibata at Dynamite on
Wednesday, and the three men will wrestle for a shot at
Chris Jericho’s FTW Championship,” said Tony Schiavone.

“The Bastard” Pac was backstage with a message for Bullet
Club Gold!

Pac: “I saw their little television message and credit where
credit is due. They are hilarious chaps. And typically,
their naughtier behavior would rattle my bastard feathers,
but not today. I couldn’t care less. You expect me to care
about those idiots. Make me feel anything. I’m begging you.
I’m daring you. Make me care. Try harder. Make me care.”

The Unified World Trios Champions the Bang Bang Gang were
making their entrance and when they turned around, we saw
“The Bastard” Pac was at their feet, unconscious!

“That’s Pac! What the hell?” asked Schiavone.

Jay White: “I bet you care now, don’t you, bastard? I told
you! Stay out of Bang Bang business!”

“The Professor” Serena Deeb vs. Anna Jay!

Deeb went right after the back of Anna Jay. Deeb nailed Anna
with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Deeb tied up
Anna Jay in the Lady in the Lake and then dropkicked Anna
Jay on the tailbone.

Anna Jay rallied back with a suplex. Deeb cracked Anna Jay
with a neck breaker over the middle rope. Anna connected
with a forearm shot and then a high kick to Deeb. Anna Jay
followed up with a flatliner for a near fall.

Deeb dropped Anna with a release German Suplex. Anna Jay
locked on the Queen Slayer but gave it up as she was almost
pinned by Deeb. Deeb faceplanted Anna Jay. Deeb placed Anna
Jay in the Serenity Lock and made Anna Jay tap out!

Luther the Butler came down to the ring and walked away with
Deeb’s Dojo flag. Mariah May grabbed the other side of the
flag and held it up while AEW Women’s World Champion
“Timeless Toni Storm undressed behind the flag and then
wrapped it around herself!

Deeb chased Storm up the ramp and Storm retreated to the

“The Patriarchy’s” Nick Wayne vs. Jack Cartwheel!

Nick Wayne stomped a mudhole into Jack in the corner.
Cartwheel connected with a cartwheel kick. Cartwheel back
flipped over the top rope, but Nick Wayne moved out of the
way! Cartwheel crashed and burned!

Nick Wayne punted Cartwheel in the back with a kick. Nick
Wayne smashed Cartwheel with Wayne’s World! Wayne cracked
Cartwheel with the House Call kick and pinned Cartwheel!

“Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy vs. Private Party’s Isiah

Orange took down Kassidy with an arm drag. Orange put Isiah
in a back slide for a near fall. Orange put Isiah in a bow
and arrow submission, but Isiah escaped and transitioned
into a pinning position, but Orange kicked out.

Orange nailed Kassidy with a tope suicida. Don Callis was
seen watching the match on a monitor backstage.

Tony Schiavone announced that this Wednesday on AEW Dynamite
it’ll be Orange Cassidy against Konosuke Takeshita.

Outside the ring, Orange clocked Kassidy with a dropkick,
and then whipped Kassidy into the barricade. Trent walked
down to the front row, sneering at Orange. Kassidy planted
Orange onto the edge of the barricade, right in front of
Trent. Kassidy rocked Orange with a tilt-a-whirl back

Isiah sent Orange into the turnbuckles. Isiah moved the
steel ring steps and nodded to Trent.

“I’m going to finish this job, but when I do, you owe me
some big bucks,” Isiah said to Trent.

Trent tried to piledrive Orange on the steel ring steps but
Orange countered with a back drop, sending Kassidy crashing
onto the arena floor!

“Trent is fuming at ringside as Orange has fought his way
back into this match,” said Nigel.

Orange and Isiah slugged it out in the center of the ring.
Orange nailed Kassidy with the Stun Dog Millionaire and then
the spinning DDT! Orange threw his elbow pad at Trent’s
direction. Orange attempted the Beach Break, but Isiah
countered with a sunset flip for a near fall.

Cassidy dodged a splash from Isiah, but Isiah fired back
with a cutter on Orange. Both men pumped kick each other on
the apron, and both men collapsed. Isiah used the referee to
stun Orange with the Silly String! Isiah followed up with a
swanton for a near fall on Orange! Orange pulped Isiah with
the Beach Break out of nowhere and scored the pin!

Don Callis was smiling backstage, watching the monitor.

Lexy Nair interviewed Trent who was still in the front row.

Trent: “Being at ringside it’s plainly obvious to me that
I’m a better professional wrestler than Orange Cassidy. The
only reason he beat me the other week is because he cheated.
He doesn’t think the rules apply to him. While we’re out
here, I’d like to issue a challenge. Double Or Nothing. A
straight up wrestling match, myself against that narcissist

Orange heard enough and attacked Trent! Security pulled
Orange away from Trent!

Collision Main Event Time! Trios Match!

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, and FTR—Cash Wheeler &
Dax Harwood


“MurderHawk Monster” Lance Archer and The Righteous—Vincent
& Dutch!

Vincent whipped Dax into the turnbuckles. Vincent fish
hooked Dax’s mouth and gouged it. Dax retaliated with a leg
drop. Cash tagged in and FTR hit tandem offense on Vincent
for a near fall. Dutch tagged in and scoop slammed Cash.
Cash ducked a big boot and dropkicked Dutch.

FTR hit a double Russian Leg Sweep on Dutch. Dax smashed
Dutch with a bulldog off the turnbuckles. Things broke down
as all six men began to brawl! Archer splashed Dax in the
corner with two running elbows. Dax chomped on Archer’s
forehead. Archer ran at Dax, but Dax dodged him. Dutcher
grabbed a tag but missed an elbow drop on Dax. Danielson
made a tag and clobbered Dutch with kicks in the corner.

Danielson wiped out Dutch with a running elbow. Danielson
blasted Dutch with a tope suicida! Danielson climbed to the
top rope and cracked Dutch with a shotgun dropkick!
Danielson evaded the Bossman Slam from Dutch. Danielson
applied the LeBell Lock but Archer broke it up. Dutch
cleaned house on Danielson and FTR!

Archer ran toward Cash, but Cash countered with a drop toe
hold, sending Archer crashing into the steel ring steps.
Archer jumped back into the ring and went for the Black Out
on Cash, but Danielson saved Cash with a running knee to
Archer! Dutch grabbed Dragon and decimated him with the
Bossman Slam! Cash connected with a tornado DDT on Dutch,
but Vincent broke up the pin. FTR hit the Shatter Machine on
Vincent and Cash pinned Vincent for the victory!

After the match, the Righteous ambushed FTR and stomped Cash
and Dax. Archer choke slammed Danielson onto the apron!

“The EVPs will get their pound of flesh,” said Nigel.

Dutch smashed Cash with a steel chair. Archer whacked Dax
with a chair! Archer planted Cash with a Black Out onto a
steel chair! Vincent hit Dax with a senton onto a chair that
was resting on Dax’s midsection!

Daniel Garcia stormed to the ring wielding a steel chair!
Garcia took out Archer and Vincent with the steel chair and
then leveled Dutch with a lariat!

“The EVPs aren’t going to like this. Young man, expect a
very steep fine,” said Nigel.

This. Is. Rampage!

“Daddy Magic” Matt Menard joined the broadcast booth for

Kicking off Rampage: Kyle O’Reilly


Shane Taylor Promotions’ Lee Moriarty (with Anthony Ogogo)!

Moriarty and O’Reilly chain wrestled on the mat to start the
match. Lee jabbed at Kyle and Kyle fired back with a flurry
of offense. Kyle yanked on Lee’s arm. Moriarty regained
momentum with a dropkick.

Kyle swept out Lee’s legs. Kyle put Lee in a leg lock in the
center of the ring. Lee managed to reach the ropes to force
the ref to break the hold.

Lee charged at Kyle with a running straight kick in the
corner for a near fall. Lee applied the Border City Stretch.
Kyle picked up Lee and suplexed Lee! Both men had the same
idea, going for a head kick, and both men knocked the other

Kyle put Lee in body scissors but Lee headbutted out of it.
Kyle planted Lee onto the mat and applied an arm bar forcing
Lee to submit!

And this Wednesday on Dynamite it’ll be Kyle O’Reilly vs.
House of Black’s Malakai Black!

Lexy Nair was backstage with the Acclaimed and Daddy Ass!

Caster said his latest rap and video was all about the
Acclaimed returning to tag team action, but none of the
other teams seemed to want to take them up on it. So, they
took the first match they could get, and that’s Anthony
Bowens against Brian Cage tonight.

La Faccion Ingobernable’s Rush vs. Cody Chhun!

Cody charged at Rush, but Rush dodged him. Rush smashed Cody
with the Bull’s Horns and pinned Cody!

“Rush is not being paid by the minute. Wow! What a
statement,” said Nigel.

After the match, Rush pulled Cody out of the ring and
continued to assault Cody Chhun. Rush whipped Cody into the
guardrail and then kicked him. Rush pulled out AV cables and
whipped Cody with them!

Lexy Nair was backstage to see if she could get a status
update on FTR and Danielson.

Danielson: “The Elite put a price on our heads, and it
partially worked because unfortunately FTR won’t be able to
make it to Dynamite this week. But the Elite also partially
failed. The Elite say they want to change the world? They
won’t even show up on Saturdays. And this Wednesday I’m
going to be on Dynamite!”

“The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo vs. Robyn Renegade!

Deonna Purrazzo used a wrist lock takedown. Deonna rolled up
Robyn for a two-count. Deonna locked an arm bar on Robyn,
but Robyn reached the ropes with her legs, forcing the ref
to break the hold.

Robyn smashed Deonna with forearms. Robyn rocked Deonna with
a shotgun dropkick for a near fall. Deonna pump kicked Robyn
in the head! Deonna locked on an arm bar and forced Robyn to
tap. After the match, Deonna continued to punish Robyn with
the Venus Di Milo until Thunder Rosa sprinted to the ring.
Deonna left the ring.

As Thunder Rosa was checking on Robyn, Deonna snuck back
into the ring and shoved Thunder Rosa into Robyn. Deonna
retreated until Thunder Rosa caught up with Deonna. Thunder
Rosa whipped Deonna into the edge of the ring until Deonna
ran away through the fans!

A video package aired highlighting the impending return of
Scorpio Sky!

Sonjay Dutt was backstage with Lexy Nair!

Dutt: “Bryan Danielson, this is for you. I heard the Elite
put a price on your head and we worked out a hell of a deal.
This Wednesday night it’s going to be the American Dragon
against Satnam Singh!”

Rampage Main Event Time!

“The Machine” Brian Cage


The Acclaimed’s Anthony Bowens (with Max Caster & Daddy

Cage caught Bowens off the apron and power bombed Bowens
against the steel ring post! Cage whipped Bowens into the
ring steps! Cage planted Bowens hard onto the apron.

Bowens jumped off the turnbuckles, but Cage caught him.
Bowens managed to cradle Cage for a near fall. Bowens
chopped Cage down. Bowens wiped out Cage with the Fame-
Asser. Cage suplexed Bowens from out of the ring and back
into it! Cage clubbed Bowens with a discus lariat. Bowens
escaped the Drill Claw and pump kicked Cage for a two-count!

While the ref was distracted, Cage connected with a low blow
on Bowens and then decimated Bowens with a Drill Claw,
scoring the pin!

Catch the start of DOUBLE OR NOTHING week with AEW DYNAMITE
on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from the Mechanics Bank
Arena in Bakersfield, CA!

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