IVAR: Ivar out with “serious injury”

Posted on 5/18/124 by Colin Vassallo

Ivar of the Viking Raiders will be out of commission for a
while as he announced on social media that he is suffering
from an injury which he did not disclose.

Writing that there have been a lot of misinformation about
him on the Internet, Ivar said that it’s a very serious
injury but did not have surgery yet.

“Still trying to figure out all options and what this means
for my future. That being said, I Want to thank everyone for
the out pouring of love and support, not only after finding
out I was injured but thru out the last several months, I
have heard you all,” Ivar wrote.

Ivar was written off television on Tuesday’s episode of NXT
when Gallus returned and took him out.

“No matter what happens, I owe it to everyone who ever
believed in me to do everything I can to get back in that
ring, under those lights, and in front of the most amazing
fans on the planet,” he continued. “See you soon as I can!”

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