Posted on 5/18/124 by Colin Vassallo

Arena: Vystar Veteran’s Memorial Arena
City: Jacksonville, FL

Bianca Belair VS. Tiffany Stratton in a Queen of the Ring
quarter final match

Bianca hit the KOD to get the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair

Cathy Kelly asked Bianca about her knee and Bianca admitted
her knee is not 100% but next week, nothing is stopping her
from becoming Queen of the Ring.

Logan Paul is shown walking backstage as LA Knight comes out
of Nick Aldis’ office and a stare down between the two
follows. Nick Aldis said right this way. Knight says see you

Byron Saxton interviews Jade Cargill about her match with
Nia Jax tonight. Bianca comes in and they tease being
against each other next week. Jade tells her let’s take one
match at a time.

The Bloodline getting ready for their match and Paul asked
Solo if he had talked to him today and Solo said all the
time Wiseman, all the time.

LA Knight was then interviewed by Cathy Kelly, Carmelo Hayes
comes in and welcomes him to Smackdown. Knight asked Carmelo
if he wanted to hear something real and his says with
everybody saying with the crowd in tune “L.A. Knight. Yeah”,
Knight then tells Carmelo to go play somewhere he is busy.

Tama Tonga VS. LA Knight in a King of the Ring quarter final

It wasn’t long before Solo Sikoa and Tonga Loa got on the
ring apron to distract Knight for Tama Tonga to take over.
After taking out Tonga Loa, Knight goes face-to-face with
Solo and then rolls in the ring where Tama hits Knight with
his finisher and pins Knight.

Winner: Tama Tonga

Knight is shown walking with the referee talking about it
wasn’t fair dealing with three guys and Carmelo Hayes walked
by and said couldn’t get the job done and Knight shoved him,
and they argued until we cut back to the ring and Nick

Aldis is in the ring for the contract signing between Logan
Paul and Cody Rhodes for their match at King & Queen of the

Logan takes the contract and rips it up. Logan then says he
agreed to face Cody for the WWE Undisputed championship only
and will not defend the United States championship. He tells
Nick to get this done. Aldis tells Paul he is tired of this
and it’s unprofessional and he won’t stand for it. Paul’s
attorney asked if he was threatening his client.

Cody stops Aldis and says he is doing a great job, and he
will handle it from here and bring it to his office. Paul
then says Cody has done nothing to earn a shot at his US
title and tells Cody to sign it. Cody then tells him he is
tired of him, and he is a fly by night. Cody then signed the
contract and then kicked Paul out of the ring after Paul
tried to attack him.

Cathy Kelly interviewed Nia Jax about her match with Jade

Nia Jax VS. Jade Cargill in a Queen of the Ring quarter
final match

Nia taunted Jade’s daughter at ringside then a fight ensued.
Finally Jade hit Nia with a chair causing a

Winner by DQ: Nia Jax

After the match was officially over the two women continued
to fight.

DIY VS. Legado Del Fantasma (Angel & Berto)

As Gargano went to the top rope, Santos Escobar gets on the
ring apron and distracts the referee and Elektra Lopez pulls
Gargano’s leg causing him to fall onto the top turnbuckle
and fall to the mat.

The referee, realizing what happened, throws them both out
of the ringside area.

As the referee is busy getting Escobar and Lopez to the
back, DIY hit meet in the middle on Berto and Gargano pins

Winners: DIY

A-Town Down Under who was on commentary for the match did
not hesitate to stand on the announce desk and argue with

Corey Graves and Wade Barrett talk about the QR codes.

Byron Saxton interviewed AJ Styles and said next week he
will go to Nick Aldis’ office to see where he goes from

Byron interviewed Bayley and Piper Niven is snoring and
Chelsea Green comes in and Bayley says she doesn’t have time
to talk that they can talk next week in the ring.

Randy Orton VS. Carmelo Hayes in a King of the Ring quarter
final match

Randy catches Hayes coming off the second ring rope with an
RKO and advances in the tournament.

Winner: Randy Orton

Cathy Kelly started to interview Randy after the match, but
the Bloodline came out. Randy said hold on is the Bloodline
really trying to come out and intimidate me. Let me remind
you who I am. Randy then told him he would be the next King
of the Ring.

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