Jazmin Allure opens up about her experience in WWE and AEW, Mercedes Mone, Thunder Rosa

Posted on 5/17/124 by Phil Johnson

Jazmin Allure recently joined PWMania.com for an exclusive
in-depth interview. During the discussion, Allure opened up
about her experience in AEW and WWE, Mercedes Mone, working
with Thunder Rosa, and more. You can read the entire
interview by clicking here.

You can watch the complete interview below:


Here are some highlights:

Working with Thunder Rosa and Mission Pro Wrestling:

“Yeah, no, that promotion was great. It gave, like, all the
girls a platform to showcase our talent. Working with
Thunder Rosa was amazing, too, getting to learn from her,
getting to beat Izzy's ass, getting to beat kids' ass
legally. That was fun, making kids cry. It's all good. Yeah,
I mean, you can catch it on the Title Match Network, too,
y'all, so don't forget.”

Her experience in WWE and AEW:

"Oh, it's surreal. It's still, like, a pinch me, like,
moment because, you know, WWE, I watched it growing up. I
got to be, like, on SmackDown, Main Event. And to be on a
show that you grew up watching is incredible. Like, I'm...
There was some tears, definitely after. And then AEW, of
course, they also have a big platform that you can showcase
your work and stuff. So it's always fun to be there in AEW
because that's kind of where my career really started and

On Mercedes Mone:

“She's definitely the biggest one. I will say that's one of
the reasons I got into wrestling the four horsewomen her
especially her feud with Charlotte. Me and my dad would
watch it like every week when they would go back and forth
with the titles. So that's a huge one. My dad is always
like, so when are you going to wrestle her? When are you
going to wrestle her? And I'm like, it'll get there. So
yeah, she's the main one. Like I'm calling it right now,
Mercedes Mone. Like that is the dream match and it's going
to happen. "

Allure also discussed how she makes sure she appears as the
star, growing up watching Sasha Banks (Mercedes Mone), and
more. You can check out the complete interview at the link

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