VINCE MCMAHON LAWSUIT: WWE files 24-page memorandum asking for arbitration and siding with McMahon in Janel Grant lawsuit

Posted on 5/15/124 by Colin Vassallo

In a 24-page memorandum filed by WWE in the U.S. District
Court of Connecticut yesterday, WWE has sided with its ex
Executive Chairman Vince McMahon in his motion to compel

“Simply put, Grant has no claims actionable in this Court
because the separation and
non-disclosure agreement she signed with McMahon and WWE
(the “Agreement”)—the monetary benefits of which she
concededly accepted and retained—contains an arbitration
provision that unambiguously precludes this Court from
adjudicating her claims,” WWE’s filing said.

The NDA that Grant signed had a clause that any future legal
issues would be resolved in a binding arbitration under the
Federal Arbitration Act.

“The language is clear and unconditional. Not only are
Grant’s allegations squarely within the scope of the
arbitration provision, but the Agreement also expressly
commits to arbitration the issue of arbitrability itself.
Accordingly, this Court should enforce the parties’ agreed-
upon method of addressing Grant’s claims and compel this
action to arbitration,” it continued.

WWE wrote that it disputes Grant’s allegations but for
purpose of this motion only, they assume the truth of facts
alleged in her original complaint.

The company also pointed out that in the agreement she
signed, written in all caps was a clause that says Grant
acknowledges that she will wave any right to pursue or bring
a lawsuit or make any legal claims against McMahon and or
WWE and any of its directors, officers, employees, agents,
and representatives.

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