JESSE THE BODY VENTURA: Jesse Ventura says he has a WWE Legends contract for review

Posted on 5/14/124 by Colin Vassallo

WWE Hall of Famer Jesse “The Body” Ventura revealed in an
interview on WABC 77 that he is currently in negotiations
with WWE over a Legends deal.

Ventura told host Frank Morano that his lawyer has the WWE
Legends contract in hand and they’re reviewing it, although
he admitted he doesn’t fully know what his role would be at
this point.

“I can only say that that’s happened because of the change
of direction in the company,” Ventura said. Ventura was
highly critical of Vince McMahon in the past and has not
appeared on any WWE television whatsoever since 2009.

“You know, I’m an old guy now and you’ve got to have the
legends. And hell, if you go back to WrestleMania I, there
ain’t too many of us alive anymore,” Ventura said,
mentioning Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff, Andre The Giant, John
Studd, and Junkyard Dog who have since departed.

“The door is, you know, we’re talking right now about me
having some,” Ventura continued. “I’m getting older. I mean,
I’m in my 70s now. And I guess I’d just like to open up the
door at the end in the wrestling career and see what’s still
left there.”

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