AS I SEE IT May 13: Credibility and charcuterie boards?

Posted on 5/13/124 by Bob Magee

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling Between the Sheets

Some seem amazed that Fightful and the French reporter that
actually asked the question....actually fought back post-
Paul Levesque PR botch after Backlash France.

In case you missed it, after Backlash, Paul Levesque
apparently felt everyone was paying attention to Kendrick
and started his own live diss track of sorts by
attacking Fightful and another site claiming they "weren't
credible" after being cited by a French freelance reporter,
Lucas Charpiot, who asked about Drew Gulak.

Charpiot said in an interview with Brandon Thurston, that
when he asked his question about Drew Gulak's status at the
WWE press conference, someone from WWE PR looked at him and
said "what a dumb thing to do".

Charpiot further said that there were audible groans from
media at the scrum when he asked his question. His response
that I was paid in that room to be a journalist, not a fan"

But the PR issues from Backlash went farther.

Herb Scriber, entertainment writer for the Washington Post
(who had issues himself at WrestleMania) stated
"that...reporters weren’t allowed into the presser despite
being told to attend it, different reps had different
attitudes and directions. Just seemed like a mess.

I asked a PR person if all questions were on the table and
he responded with a yes, but also joked about the show’s
overall vibe being positive. Just a fascinating press/PR
situation there."

In the end, along with slandering Fightful and trying to
shame Charpiot, Levesque pulled a fast one to distract from
the fact that Gulak had apparently been engaging in Bill
DeMott like behavior and that they did nothing about it.

Corey Brennan of Fightful has spoken to several NXT trainees
and talent who indicated that Gulak was a ‘bully’ that
intentionally targeted talent that were recovering from
minor injuries, and targeted these injuries.

In one incident during a match with Gulak, the former No
Quarter Catch Crew member purposefully re-dislocated a
previously dislocated finger of an injured talent, while
another claimed that Gulak would intimidate talent into not
reporting the incidents.

Both in Brennan's report and visible on videos on YouTube
and Instagram, there was a particular incident last year
where Shawn Michaels and other coaches "reprimanded” Gulak
for intentionally spiking Dante Chen during an NXT LVLUP

Meanwhile, last Monday, WWE advertised EIGHT MATCHES on RAW
to consist of qualifiers for the King and Queen of the Ring
tournament. Instead, we got six matches, and were told that
Kofi Kingston vs Rey Mysterio and Shayna Baszler vs Zelina
Vega would instead take place at a WWE LIVE EVENT this
weekend. Even if this was a tactic to get fans to attend
these house shows... they never told fans WHICH SHOW this
weekend these matches. At least on Smackdown, six matches
were advertised and delivered. But there was no mention of
which matches were airing on which show this past weekend
(the shows, as it turns out were in Chattanooga, TN and
Macon, GA. Imagine what would have happened had AEW pulled
such a stunt.

But it's amazing that WWE has the gall to talk about the
credibility of others. It's outright comical that a company
whose booker claimed two major websites weren't "credible",
showed its OWN lack of credibility by failing to deliver the
matches they advertised up to show time (not counting those
missing and substituting for because of injuries).

Instead, along with the matches we DID see (including great
Gunther-Sheamus and Ricochet-Ilya Dragunov matches), we had
to hear CM Punk in one of the worst promos he's ever
delivered trying to further his program with Drew McIntyre,
hear Michael Cole asking Becky Lynch's hat at the Derby, and
watch R-Truth chat with the Connecticut hoops coach.

The live crowd, expecting the other two matches...and not
having been told about the matches they'd been told they'd
see...crapped all over the Lynch/Cole promo.

In a somewhat comical resolution to the above
least for two involved... last week, someone asked Sean Ross
Sapp on Twitter what it would take for an acceptable
apology...he cracked "a wheel of French cheese as a token of

Meanwhile, Dave Meltzer mischaracterized how Sapp reacted to
getting it. Sapp treated it as absurd....that he'd made a
sarcastic comment that they played off of. Meltzer
characterized it as Sean saying WWE liked him.

On Wednesday, arriving at Sapp's house was a large plate of
cheeses from Normandy with a signed note on behalf of Nick
Khan, Paul Levesque, and Chris Legentil from WWE corporate
with a note saying "It is a pleasure working with you
throughout the year. Your work is strong and we appreciate
your commitment to the craft". A similar plate was sent to
the other site.

Wonder if Levesque et. al. are sending Dave Meltzer some
Humboldt Fog, and Point Reyes Blue, or Aged Goat Gouda? I
hear Aged Goat Gouda is a bit salty and strong.

Until next time...

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