Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance May 11 St. Louis, MO results

Posted on 5/12/124 by Patrick Brandmeyer

ST. LOUIS-Mid-Missouri Wrestling
Alliance at the South Broadway Athletic
Club: Tag Team Champion Andrew Wilder
defeated I.P. Mason ... Kahyman (w/
Abigail) pinned Jerry Morgan ... Tag
Team Champion Johnathan Zulu (w/ Andrew
Wilder) beat Parasyte (w/ Mazoku) ...
Shaft defeated Damion Cortess by
disqualification ... Damian Blade vs.
The Snitch ended in a no-contest when
J.S.O. interfered ... Ricky Cruz &
Damian Blade beat J.S.O. & The Snitch
... Heavyweight Champion Chris Slammer
defeated Dallas Stevens (w/ J.S.O.) by
disqualification to retain the title ...
Shaft won the Tony Casta Memorial Battle
Royal (Rumble-style).

Battle royal participants(in order of
entry): Tag Team Champion Andrew
Wilder, Dallas Stevens, Eagle Eye, Shawn
Blaze, Dir Kolthar, Makaze, J.S.O.,
Anthony Lopes, Freddie Fury, I.P. Mason,
P.T. Beckham, Quest Parker, Shaft,
Heavyweight Champion Chris Slammer,
Damion Cortess, Ricky Cruz, Damian
Blade, Jerry Morgan, Kahyman, Tag Team
Champion Johnathan Zulu, The Snitch,
Parasyte, Karti Marti, and Anthony

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