DANA WHITE: Dana White hints at Saturday UFC and Sunday WWE combo weekends

Posted on 5/12/124 by Colin Vassallo

UFC President Dana White hinted at some trio of events
happening in the weekends suggesting that WWE could take the
Sunday spot as TKO does combined events in the same city and
same arena in the future.

Speaking at the press conference following UFC Fight Night
in St Louis, White said, “You’re gonna see Friday Power
Slap, Saturday UFC, and Sunday WWE. You’ll start seeing that
stuff too.”

If that’s a WWE premium live event remains to be seen but
WWE has over the past few years moved to Saturday nights for
their PLEs. WWE has already combined a Raw or a Smackdown
with a UFC show in some markets.

White also said that he’s fine with his UFC stars making
guest appearances on WWE television or shows.

“I mean, I didn’t have a problem with that when Vince was
consistently f*cking me for no reason and now that that’s
not the case anymore,” White said.

White did shoot down any chance of him doing any guest spot
on WWE TV though. “Me? That I guarantee you will not.
Never,” he said.

Speaking of UFC in St Louis, after his fight, Joaquin
Buckley spotted Randy Orton sitting at cage side and he went
out of the cage to hug Orton following his win.

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