SWERVE STRICKLAND: Swerve Strickland makes unannounced appearance at DEFY indy event in Seattle

Posted on 5/11/124 by Colin Vassallo

Fans who attended yesterday’s DEFY show Here and Now in
Seattle were treated to a huge surprise as AEW World
champion Swerve Strickland showed up at his old stomping
grounds unannounced.

Strickland told the stunned crowd that there was only one
place where he was going to go to celebrate and it was here
in Seattle for DEFY Wrestling.

“There’s no other place like this in the world. I’ve been
saying it since 2017 and I still mean that to this day,”
Strickland said. “You guys are very special because you all
have something very special that not a lot of places have.”

The AEW champ said that this place can predict the future,
noting that the first main event of the very first DEFY show
was himself versus Cody Rhodes.

“Shout out to Cody because he believed in me too, just like
I believed in him,” Strickland continued.

He then announced that after the show, he would be meeting
every single fan in the stands for free.

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