UNCLE HOWDY: Latest QR code mystery video: “They put us in the cave”

Posted on 5/11/124 by Colin Vassallo

The latest Uncle Howdy tease on Smackdown leads to a new
video, which is the glitchy-version intro of the Then, Now,
Forever, Together clip that introduces every WWE televised

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that Sister Abigail is shown in
the intro instead of CM Punk. The video is then interrupted
by several lines of text about how a group of people were
left to be forgotten but “he” set them free.

“They put us in the cave. Told us to behold the glory. We
watched in awe, consumed their lies. We were never the
chosen ones. Left in the cave to rot to be forgotten. But he
set us free. Now we understand. We will follow the prophecy.
The words of the red. Soon you will understand. The tears we
shed watered our apathy and blossomed a garden of revulsion.
There is no safe space. Only my family,” the message reads.

It’s rumored that the faction led by Uncle Howdy will arrive
on WWE television screens this month with the reintroduction
of Dexter Lumis, Joe Gacy, Nikki Cross, and Eric Rowan.

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