KEVIN PATRICK: Kevin Patrick on WWE release: “It was time, I wanted to leave”

Posted on 5/10/124 by Colin Vassallo

Speaking during an interview released today on Sports Media
with Richard Deitsch, former WWE commentator Kevin Egan
(Patrick) said it was time for him to depart the company and
he actually wanted to leave because he couldn’t give it his
all to WWE.

“Football (soccer) was always going to win. If there was
ever a collision, and there was one on the horizon, very
clearly on the horizon,” Egan said.

Egan is now one of the voices of MLS on Apple TV+ and said
that there was no way if he was doing a show on Friday he
could be in studio in New York the following day at 1PM to
do his soccer duties.

“I also wasn’t their long-term guy. They need someone who’s
all in. And they deserve more. That chair deserves more, you
know? So for me, it was time, I wanted to leave,” Egan

Egan revealed that he still talks to Michael Cole on the
phone and said that he’s the best boss he’s ever had and
stands by it.

“He’s a tremendous guy and everyone I worked with was great.
It’s a chapter in your life. I wasn’t overly upset about it
at all, I don’t think they were,” Egan said, adding that
when WWE goes to Atlanta, he’ll pop by to say hello to his

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