RING OF HONOR: Misbehaving fan kicked out from ROH tapings due to vulgar comments towards Skye Blue

Posted on 5/10/124 by Colin Vassallo

A misbehaving fan who was harassing Skye Blue as he sat
ringside during the ROH tapings following the live Dynamite
got ejected from the arena.

The incident was firstly reported on Reddit’s SquaredCircle
forum by someone with the username Wintertime13, who wrote
that a man in front row kept making vulgar comments towards
Blue. The fan allegedly kept saying, “Get on your knees for
daddy,” “Daddy likes when you’re on the top rope baby girl,”
“Nice ass peaches,” etc.

Eventually, AEW and arena security got to him after the
match when referee Aubrey Edwards motioned for them to eject
him. The fan, who also had a child with him, put on a fight
but was escorted out.

Rachael Ellering, who was wrestling Blue during the tapings,
wrote on social media that the speed which she and Edwards
got out of the ring to get the creep kicked out was

“Olympic medalist speeds. I’ve NEVER in my career heard such
vulgar things being said to talent during a match. Sexual
harassment is not heckling,” she wrote. “This guy wasn’t a
fan. He was a pervert who should be banned from shows for

Edwards also chimed in, saying that if you are at a show and
yell disgusting, vile, and hateful things at her coworkers,
she will make sure your ass gets kicked out.

“There is no place for that in wrestling. Heckling is fine,
but when you’ve made the performers (me included) feel
uncomfortable in their place of work, you’ve gone too far,”
she continued.

It’s also important to add that during Dynamite, Saraya got
the camera over to point out at a couple of fans at ringside
saying, “These two right here are creeps,” although it’s
unclear if the one ejected was one of them.

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