WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: Raw to stay on USA Network until the end of 2024

Posted on 5/09/124 by Colin Vassallo

Monday Night Raw will remain on USA Network until the end of
2024 after TKO announced yesterday that it has entered into
an agreement worth $25 million to keep the show on the
network until its move to Netflix.

The transition to Netflix will happen on January 6, 2025,
but WWE’s current media rights deal for Raw was ending on
September 30, 2024, leaving Raw without a home for three
whole months.

This will give USA Network 13 more Raw broadcasts and for
just three months, it will be the exclusive home of both Raw
and Smackdown as Smackdown moves to USA from FOX in the
beginning of October.

While $25 million sounds like a good deal, WWE had zero
leverage in this case and they are getting paid way less for
the last three months than what USA is currently paying.

NBCUniversal paid WWE $1.325 billion over a five-year period
for Monday Night Raw, which translates to $265 million per
year and $66.25 million per quarter. The $25 million deal
represents a decrease of $41.25 million in media rights for
that quarter for WWE.

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