DONALD TRUMP TRIAL/VINCE MCMAHON: Vince McMahon’s name comes up in Stormy Daniels’ testimony against Donald Trump today

Posted on 5/07/124 by Colin Vassallo

The name of Vince McMahon came up in today’s Stormy Daniels
testimony against President Donald Trump in the hush-money

According to transcript by CNN, Daniels said she “really
wanted” to ask Trump about pro wrestling when they initially

“He was friends with the owner of the company,” Daniels
said, referring to Vince McMahon.

CNN said that Daniels laughed on the stand as she recalled
comparing the adult film industry to wrestling like WWE.

“It’s real but it’s not,” she said.

This was during the time that Trump was feuding with McMahon
which led to the match at WrestleMania involving Bobby
Lashley and Umaga with Trump in Lashley’s corner and McMahon
in Umaga’s corner and the loser must shave their head.

“Donald Trump has always been very famous for his do,”
Daniels said on the stand but he assured her it was all

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