Posted on 5/07/124 by Colin Vassallo

Arena: XL Center
City: Hartford, CT

As the Judgment Day makes their way to the ring, Michael
Cole announces that Drew McIntyre isn’t medically cleared to
compete in tonight’s opening King of the Ring Tournament

The Judgment Day is now in the ring. Priest said he needed
to talk about what happened with the Judgment Day after the
match at Backlash. Priest apologizes to JD and Finn. As Finn
brags about having a first-round bye, Adam Pearce comes out
and says he is not getting a first-round bye. Pearce tells
the Judgment Day to clear the ring because what happened at
Backlash is not happening tonight and Finn’s new opponent is
Main Event Jey Uso.

Main Event Jey Uso VS. Finn Balor in Round One of the King
of the Ring Tournament

Drew McIntyre comes out and distracted Jey but as Finn set
Jey up, Jey countered with a spear and gets the win.

Winner: Main Event Jey Uso

Drew is in the back yelling at Adam Pearce and Adam told him
he is not medically cleared to compete it is that simple and
Drew tells him he is tired of this BS and leaves. CM Punk
pulls in and Pearce told him he was late.

Punk tells Adam to have the truck play his music, he has
something to say.

Punk goes straight to the ring. Punk said he came there to
pick a fight with Drew McIntyre and wanted everyone to tweet
at Drew that Punk is in the ring calling him out. Punk
talked about Drew and how he hates Punk but does everything
Punk does and asked Drew if he hated him or himself.

Cathy Kelly interviewed Ricochet about his match with Ilja
Dragunov and Braun Strowman comes in and hugs Ricochet.
Cathy then asked him why he intervened in the Judgment Day
last week and he said he had to because he hates bullies,
and this isn’t about him it’s about Ricochet and told
Ricochet to go out and show everyone why they already call
him King Ricochet.

Natalya VS. Iyo Sky in Round One in the Queen of the Ring

With the moonsault, Iyo pins Natalya

Winner: Iyo Sky

After the match Damage Control puts everyone on notice that
they are back on Raw. They announce that Asuka is hurt so
Dakota Kai will take her place in the Queen of the Ring

An Ilja Dragunov video was played.

Ilja Dragunov VS. Ricochet in Round One King of the Ring
Tournament Match

This was a great match, but it was Ilja after a superplex
and a second H Bomb, which helped him pick up the win.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

After the match the two shook hands and looked to agree to
another match in the future.

Jackie Redmond interviewed Sheamus.

Zoey Stark VS. Ivy Nile in First Round Match in the Queen of
the Ring Tournament

Zoey hits her Z360 to get the win.

Winner: Zoey Stark

R-Truth had an idea for their next title defense and Adam
Pearce was happy to listen but when he brought in the coach
for the NCAA champion basketball team The Miz had to come
and pull him out to explain why that couldn’t face them.

Bron Breakker then yelled for Pearce and asked him to
explain why he was not in the King of the Ring tournament
and Pearce said I figured you would want that answer so
let’s go to my office and talk about that.

The Judgment Day were talking about tonight’s activities and
JD said Braun Strowman needs taken care of and Priest said
he will be by you. Dominik and Carlito come in and Priest
said he will never forgive him for costing him his match in
Puerto Rico last year.

Chad Gable VS. Big Bronson Reed

This match was not long before Sami Zayn came in and
attacked Gable then Reed as well. But it was Big Bronson
Reed who left Sami and Gable both lying in the ring.

Winner: No Contest

As Reed entered the backstage area, Adam Pearce asked him if
they could control themselves and Reed said this is business
and if he wanted control, it is about the Intercontinental
title he knows what he has to do.

A video of Lyra Valkyria was shown.

Gunther talked about his match with Sheamus and wanting to
win the King of the Ring tournament.

Michael Cole interviewed Becky Lynch in the ring. Liv Morgan
interrupted her and then after they agreed to a title match
at King and Queen of the Ring, Damage Control interrupted
and said they run Monday Night Raw and Liv leaves the ring
and said they are not her problem.

Damage Control attacked Becky, Lyra Valkyria came in and
helped Becky.

Jackie Redmond interviewed Sami Zayn and she asked when this
would end. Sami said triple threat match at King and Queen
of the Ring in Saudi Arabia.

Dakota Kai VS. Lyra Valkyria in Round One of the Queen of
the Ring Tournament

Lyra hit the night wing to get the win.

Winner: Lyra Valkyria

Kofi Kingston talks about Xavier Woods being injured and
can’t compete to be a back-to-back King of the Ring. Kofi
says no disrespect he has to win this tournament for Woods.

Gunther VS. Sheamus in Round One of the King of the Ring

Gunther gets Sheamus’ leg draped over the top rope by
ducking a brogue kick and Kaiser pulls Sheamus then kicks
his leg before being thrown out of the arena by the referee.
The match continued and Sheamus looked like he was going to
win but Gunther caught him in a power bomb when Sheamus’ leg
gave out and turned Sheamus into a Boston Crab. Sheamus
almost made it to the rope for the break, but Gunther
dragged him back to the middle of the ring and laid back on
Sheamus forcing Sheamus to tap out.

Winner: Gunther

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