Combat Zone Wrestling May 5 Havre de Grace, MD results

Posted on 5/06/124 by DMV Wrestling News

Sunday, May 5, Combat Zone Wrestling presented Limelight 25
at the State Theater in Havre de Grace, MD. There were a few
advertised wrestlers who weren’t able to make it but it was
a great event. Before the event the movie trailer for
Crackcoon was shown, a project that ring announcer Rosaria
Elsa stars in and which will be shown later this month at
The State Theater. CZW owner DJ Hyde announced that Alex
Shelley will be returning to CZW in July for their
doubleheader weekend.

Up first, Rich Swann defended the CZW Championship against
Eran Ashe. This was a hard-hitting one with Ashe having the
advantage for the first part of the match. It went back and
forth after that with several near-falls. Then, Mika, a
Vendetta stablemate of Ashe, interfered in the match, which
allowed Ashe to get the 3-count for the pin. As the referee
called for the bell, Kee Min, CW Director of Operations came
to the ring, and it appeared he was going to restart the
match. However, Ashe stopped him and threw him to the mat.
After he was announced as the new champion, Ashe and
Vendetta continued to attack Kee Min. Previously, Ashe put
Kee Min through a table during a contract signing at
Limelight 15 in April 2023.

In the next match, Chris White defeated Kris Bishop. Bishop
hit White in the back of the head and chased him up the
aisle afterward.

The Post Game Show with Miami Mike Walker and Vinny Talotta
was next and they wore sombreros to the ring for Cinco de
Mayo. Their guest was Randy Summers of Tag Team Champions
Milk Chocolate. They challenged Summers to a match for the
tag team championship but as Summers pointed out he had no
partner. At this point, the Lost Boys came to the ring and
said they deserved the title shot because of their unbeaten
record in CZW. Post Game comes up with the solution of the
Lost Boys will get a title shot if they can break the pinata
that Vinny carried to the ring in the first try. The contest
requires each entrant to spin their head around on the
wiffle ball bat 10 times and then try to hit the pinata.
Both members of the Lost Boys try first. Each one fails and
ends up endangering others in the ring with their bat and
doesn’t get even close to the pinata which is high above the
mat. Summers takes the bat for his turn and leaps into the
air and knocks the pinata on the stage behind the ring.
Summers throws the pinata into the ring and does an elbow
drop onto it, spilling the contents which includes some sort
of alcoholic mini bottles that Post Game throws into the
audience after ejecting Summers from the ring. Walker gets
held up by the Lost Boys outside of the ring and Troy Parker
of Vendetta comes to the ring with a chair and attacks
Vinny. Eventually, after Vinny is laid out on the mat,
Parker entangles his ankle in the chair and stomps on it.

The next match is Journey Burke competing against Valerie
Verman and Samwell is banned from Ringside. As Burke enters
the ring she looks underneath to make sure Samwell isn’t
there. The match goes back and forth for a while and while
Burke is standing at ringside, a “fan” wearing a luchador
mask attacks her. The “fan” is removed from the venue and
Burke ends up losing the match thanks to the attack.

Juni Underwood takes on Matt Quay in the next match.
Underwood gets the win by kicking Quay in the face after the
latter is distracted by other members of the Lost Boys.

Mika, another member of Vendetta, gets the win over Cosmic
by using the bottom rope for leverage while pinning her.

As Anthony Gangone walks down the aisle he gets blindsided
by his opponent Isaiah Wolf. As they move to the ring and
the match starts, Wolf eventually grabs a chair and starts
using it on Gangone and beats him viciously with Gangone
smiling the whole time. Gangone is declared the winner by
disqualification and Wolf runs back in with the chair to
beat the smiling Gangone some more.

The main event is supposed to be next with Myles Hawkins and
Richard Adoniss taking on Griffin McCoy and Brando Lee. All
three members of Vendetta come out and start attacking both
teams. It gets out of control and a no-contest is declared.
THe locker room clears out with even the injured members of
Post Game limping to the ring and getting beat up more for
their effort.

CZW returns to action on May 11 with We Love Wrestling at
Love Park in Philadelphia.

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