WWE BACKLASH FRANCE: French fans show up and show out with noise levels hitting 115db’s at Backlash

Posted on 5/05/124 by Colin Vassallo

There are hot crowds, and there are HOT crowds. On Friday
and Saturday, the fans in Lyon brought their A game to both
Smackdown and Backlash and showed the rest of the world how
it’s done at a wrestling show.

It was a memorable weekend for everyone involved as the
crowd made every singe Superstar who appeared in front of
them look like a million bucks by reacting the way they were
supposed to react. From sing-along with RevTheory for Randy
Orton’s theme and Downstait’s popular Cody Rhodes’ theme
Kingdom, to every two-count and subsequent chant
immortalized by the French commentary team, to serenading AJ
Styles with every mention of the word “Phenomenal,” to
accompanying Samantha Irvin for every introduction…the shows
had everything you would want from a wrestling crowd.

Each WWE star on Backlash got to experience a long entrance
and to absorb the electric atmosphere with several themes on
loop until it was time for action. Orton and Rhodes’ themes
were even sang a cappella after they were turned off, with
the enthusiastic fans continuing the verses much to the
amazement of both stars.

The fans were so rowdy that at one point during the
Undisputed WWE championship introduction, the cameras were
literally bouncing as seen on the broadcast and multiple
times during the show, Apple Watches fired off alarms on
people’s wrists that the decibel level was way high.

Randy Orton’s intro kicked things off big time with 100db
registered on meters but the biggest came for Cody’s
entrance, with the massive “Woah” part of his theme
registering a whopping 115db.

France showed up and showed out and while it’s hard to keep
that intensity for one show, the crowd held it for two-plus
hours on Friday and then three-plus hours on Saturday.

Simplement magnifique.

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