TAZ: Taz told he needs both knee and shoulder replaced

Posted on 5/03/124 by Colin Vassallo

AEW commentator Taz revealed that doctors advised him that he
needs replacement surgeries on both his shoulders and knees.

Writing on X, Taz said that he visited a highly acclaimed
orthopedic surgeon to discuss his knee, which has been hurting
pretty bad for a couple of years. After undergoing some x-
rays, the surgeon suggested that he needs to have multiple
surgeries on both his shoulders and knees.

“I am not doing this right now. I’m gonna keep trying
regenerative procedures & try to suck it up dealing with the
pain,” the former ECW champion wrote. He said that these
injuries are not from bumps, but rather from “training too
heavy like a caveman” trying to be “big,” urging today’s
wrestlers to be smarter in how they train.

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