ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TBS: The Elite take out Kenny Omega on Dynamite

Posted on 5/02/124 by Colin Vassallo

Kenny Omega made his first AEW appearance since December of
last year in the main event segment of Dynamite last night
in his hometown of Winnipeg.

Omega, who’s sidelined with diverticulitis problems, talked
about his health issues and how any kind of trauma to his
stomach could kill him. He admitted that he stopped watching
wrestling because of “shaking,” as in withdrawal symptoms,
and was scared.

But then he said he watched Dynasty and that changed his
outlook and made him want to come back to the ring, saying
that even if there’s a 5% chance and “with a bag,” he’s
promises he’s not done yet.

Omega said that since they’re on the subject of colostomy
bags, he wanted to talk about the other shitbags, The Young

His speech on The Bucks was cut short by his NJPW nemesis
Okada who proclaimed himself the best. As this was going on,
Jack Perry came from behind and took down Omega. Omega
fought back but a chair shot to the stomach laid him out.

The Young Bucks came in and hit the EVP Trigger on him but
just as Okada was going to hit the Rainmaker, FTR ran in for
the save.

The save did not last long though as The Elite attacked
Omega and FTR as medics were loading Omega in an ambulance.

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