CODY RHODES: Cody Rhodes on Roman Reigns: “He transcends what we do”

Posted on 4/30/124 by Colin Vassallo

Appearing on the Cheap Heat podcast, Undisputed WWE champion
Cody Rhodes said Roman Reigns transcends what they do and
there are only a few people like him.

“Truly very few people get to transcend what we do. I think
he transcends what we do and I’ll think you’ll see him pop
up in areas that aren’t sports entertainment or wrestling
and with much success because of how hard he works,” Rhodes

The champion noted how Reigns showed up at WrestleMania and
knowing he was at the end of his championship run, he was at
his absolute peak and absolute best both physically and

Rhodes went as far to say that he puts Reigns in the same
category as The Rock and John Cena for their work in this

It will be a while before we see Reigns back on our screens
again as he will be taking several months off following a
historic title run.

In the same interview, Cody was also asked about AEW and he
said that despite what’s been said, he would never root
against them.

“And that’s not always easy because there’s random things
said about you in press conferences and that’s a big no no,”
Cody said. “You should never say me or my wife’s name, Tony
should’ve told you that…”

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