TONY KHAN: Tony Khan says his viral comments got AEW “tons of coverage”

Posted on 4/30/124 by Colin Vassallo

After comparing WWE to the “Harvey Weinstein of pro
wrestling” during an appearance on the NFL Network, AEW
President Tony Khan boasted that his comments got “tons of
coverage” for his promotion.

Khan also claimed that WWE is the “evil juggernaut” that AEW
is competing against and called AEW the “Pepsi of pro

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Khan said his viral comments led to
tons of coverage for AEW and it was important for him to say
that AEW is “the best wrestling company in the world in many

Khan said that they have the best wrestlers, matches, shows,
and pay-per-views.

“There are so many great things that have happened in AEW
this year. And I’ll hold our track record up on anything,
whether it’s the quality of the shows, the safety, the
travel, the hotels. Everything we do – in and out of the
ring – I think AEW is the very best,” Khan continued.

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