DREW MCINTYRE: Drew McIntyre signs new WWE deal, gets a gift from The Rock

Posted on 4/28/124 by Colin Vassallo

With his contract expiring in a couple of weeks, Drew
McIntyre has put pen to paper and is staying put in WWE.

The news was revealed by…The Final Boss in a post on
Instagram, who gifted McIntyre a beautiful Scottish
Claymore, surprising him while he was having dinner.

“Man of my word…as you’re a man of yours,” The Rock posted
on Instagram. “Congratulations @dmcintyrewwe on signing your
new @wwe deal.”

There was also a video of staff members coming to deliver a
note to McIntyre while another one held the Claymore.

“As we talked about after your #WrestleMania match, I know
this Scottish Claymore represents everything that you, your
family and your country embody,” The Rock continued. “As you
know, I wanted to personally hand deliver this gift to you
at your meeting with Nick Khan, but I had warm cheat meals
and chilled tequila waiting for me!”

The Rock congratulated McIntyre for his hunger, passion,
climbing that mountain, and always entertaining the fans.

The video shows McIntyre reading the note, and then handing
it over to his wife, telling her that he’s a man of his
word. He then stands up to accept the gift, looks at the
camera, and says, “Thank you brother, man of your word.”

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