CM PUNK: CM Punk appears at Smackdown after broadcast goes off the air

Posted on 4/27/124 by Colin Vassallo

CM Punk was indeed at Smackdown last night but did not
appear on camera, however he did show up after the broadcast
ended its live broadcast on FOX.

Punk said he felt compelled to come out and say hello to his
friends in Cincinnati and on behalf of everyone backstage,
he thanked the fans for the packed house.

The former champion also provided a little update on his
injury, saying his tricep is not at 100%…yet.

“But I am on track and I promise soon, I will be back and
competing with all the tough badasses backstage,” Punk said
to a big cheer from the crowd.

Punk then talked about how Cincinnati’s own Pete Rose should
be in the baseball Hall of Fame but was rudely interrupted
by Chad Gable and the rest of Alpha Academy. Gable called
Rose a cheater and deserved everything he got for being a

Gable called Cincinnati a pathetic city and then got in the
ring along with Otis to rough up Punk. Punk said he’s
injured and one-armed but he happened to know a guy who was
recently cleared to compete.

Sheamus then came out for the post-show dark match as Punk
headed to the back.

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