TONY KHAN: Tony Khan wears a neck brace for NFL Draft to sell attack from The Elite

Posted on 4/26/124 by Colin Vassallo

During the NFL Draft last night, Tony Khan sported a neck
brace during the broadcast to sell the attack from The Elite
and Jack Perry from Wednesday.

Khan took a Meltzer Driver, renamed the Tony Khan Driver,
from The Young Bucks and was left motionless in the middle
of the ring after he got played by the returning Jack Perry.

On the NFL Network, the commentator said Khan becomes “the
first-ever NFL executive in the draft room shaking off the
effects of a pile driver he received on national television
in a wrestling ring the other night.”

Pat McAfee on The Pat McAfee Show discussed why Khan was
wearing a neck brace and another host said that while he
respects the kayfabe, someone should tell Tony Khan that
when you’re selling a neck injury and are in a neck brace
you should not move around and act like nothing’s wrong!

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