TONY KHAN: Tony Khan gets press for Wednesday's angle on Dynamite

Posted on 4/26/124 by Bob Magee

Tony Khan, son of Jaguars owner Shad Khan, shows up to
NFL Draft with neck brace after beating

Tim Walters
Jacksonville Florida Times-Union

Is he selling the drama, or is Tony Khan really injured?

The son of Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan showed up
for the first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday night
wearing a neck brace, 24 hours removed from getting beat up
on AEW Dynamite.

Dynamite was held Wednesday night at Daily's Place, a venue
connected to EverBank Stadium, home of the Jaguars.

Khan was seen sitting in the Jaguars' war room wearing a
neck brace as they selected Brian Thomas Jr. with the No. 23
overall pick in the draft. They initially had the 17th pick,
but traded with the Vikings to get the No. 23 pick, and a
fifth-round pick.

What happened to Tony Khan at AEW Dynamite?

Khan, the Jaguars' chief football strategy officer and
founder of AEW, found himself on the wrong end of a punch,
followed by a pile driver.

Following the return of Jack Perry, the real-life son of the
late Luke Perry (yes, Dylan from Beverly Hills 90210),
things seemed to be going well until they weren't.

Perry, who had previously been suspended by the company —
not a storyline, but something that stemmed from a real-life
altercation with former AEW talent CM Punk — returned
following the end of his suspension.

Khan and Perry seemed to have mended fences as they
embraced, followed by the two raising each other's arms in
the air, hand-in-hand.

Then, things went south as Perry gut-punched Khan with the

Khan's beating didn't end there. Then this happened...
Within seconds, the Young Bucks, brothers Matt and Nick
Jackson, who are executive vice presidents within the
company along with being on-screen talent, and top singles
star Kazuchika Okada, sprinted to the ring to confront

They can be heard saying to Perry, "What the hell are you
doing? This is a billionaire. You gotta be careful."

The Bucks help Khan to his feet, but then Okada gives the
brothers two thumbs up. Nick picks up Khan in a pile driver
position, and Matt goes up to the top rope to help deliver
the "Meltzerdriver."

Perry then drags Khan's unconscious body into the center of
the ring before a referee runs in, once again yelling "what
the hell is wrong with you?"

Matt Jackson, left, Kazuchika Okada, Jack Perry and Nick
Jackson stand over AEW founder Tony Khan after the beat him
up to end AEW Dynamite on Wednesday, April 25, 2024.
Perry hops onto the second turnbuckle, faces the crowd,
gives them two middle fingers and shares a few colorful
words that best aren't typed in this story.

Nick then says "thank you Jacksonville, we love you so
much," and they exit the ring.

A concerned father makes his presence known

Once Perry, the Bucks and Okada exit, most of the talent
backstage run to the ring to check on their boss followed
closely by Tony's father, Shad Khan.

Shad has an extreme look of concern as the show goes off the
air, helping to further build the drama.

Is the NFL in on the storyline?
With the NFL Draft being Thursday night, one night after
Khan's attack, and the Jaguars going in with the No. 17
overall draft pick, the NFL issued a statement of sorts on
Khan earlier Thursday.

The NFL’s web site said that Khan’s “status for the
Jacksonville Jaguars’ 2024 NFL Draft obligations could be
questionable,” as written by Digital Content Editor Grant

Like a trooper, Khan showed up wearing a wrestling staple.

Was Tony Khan's neck brace at the NFL Draft all part of the
show, or was he really injured by Perry and the Young Bucks?

The world may never know.

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