VINCE MCMAHON: Vince McMahon files 29-page motion to force binding arbitration clause in Grant’s NDA

Posted on 4/24/124 by Colin Vassallo

Former TKO Executive Chairman Vince McMahon filed a 29-page
motion with the United States District Court of Connecticut
to force a binding arbitration clause which was included in
the NDA which Janel Grant signed back in 2021.

In the motion, McMahon’s legal team refuted Grant’s
outlandish claims in the lawsuit, arguing that she was not
really in financial difficulties, lived with her boyfriend
in a luxury tower in Stamford during their relationship, and
was not the caregiver for her parents as her father passed
away two years before the two met and he was listed as
widowed, which means that her mother passed away before.

The NDA included a clause that if the need arises for a
dispute, it would have to be through arbitration and
McMahon’s team are fighting that Grant broke the NDA by
exposing their relationship and said agreement.

“Plaintiff was represented by a lawyer who negotiated the
Agreement for her before she executed it. When Defendant
learned that Plaintiff, despite her promises, had violated
the Agreement by wrongfully disclosing both the existence of
the Agreement and their relationship, he exercised his
contractual right to withhold payment otherwise owed under
the Agreement,” the motion said.

McMahon stopped paying what Grant was entitled to in the NDA
and then filed this lawsuit against him, WWE, and John

The full motion can be read at

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