ALL ELITE WRESTLING/WBD: Tony Khan says AEW still in exclusive negotiation window with WBD for TV deal

Posted on 4/22/124 by Colin Vassallo

AEW President Tony Khan said last night that they’re still
in the exclusive negotiation window with Warner Bros.
Discovery for their new television deal when he was asked if
he would green light a move to take all AEW shows to a
streaming service.

The current AEW television deal expires at the end of this
year and Khan never made it a secret that he wants to stay
with WBD and doubled down on that at the post-Dynasty press
conference where he said that he loves having wrestling on
TNT and TBS.

Often calling them great partners, Khan said that he
received a text message from WBD before he walked into the
press conference and said it contained positive feedback.

The company cannot negotiate with anyone else until that
window expires and there are rumors that Khan is out of the
negotiation team as a third party has taken over the talks
on behalf of the company.

Khan also mentioned that he hopes to have the full AEW and
ROH video library streaming somewhere next year.

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