ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNASTY: April 21 Zero Hour and PPV St. Louis, MO report

Posted on 4/22/124 by Bob Magee


AEW presented AEW Dynasty 2024 live from the Chaifetz Arena
in St. Louis, MO!

The Zero Hour portion of the show kicked off!

Your announce team for Zero Hour was Excalibur, Taz, and
Tony Schiavone.

Trent Beretta vs. Matt Sydal (with Mike Sydal)!

Trent started out aggressively with a chop to Sydal’s
windpipe. Matt rallied back with a dropkick and then a
splash off the apron to Trent. Back in the ring, Trent
nailed Matt with a brain buster. Trent yanked Sydal off the
turnbuckles and planted him with a side suplex. Sydal
dropped Trent with a question mark kick for a near fall.
Trent sent Sydal soaring with a half and half suplex.

Sydal blasted Trent with an Air Raid Crash. Sydal smashed
Trent with the meteora, but Trent kicked out at the two-
count. Trent spiked Sydal with a Gotch style piledriver for
a near fall. Trent cracked Sydal with a flying knee strike.
Trent applied a choke hold submission on Matt, and Matt
tapped out. Trent didn’t relinquish the hold until Mike
Sydal jumped in the ring. Trent attacked Mike and Matt after
the match. Chuck Taylor jumped in the ring out of nowhere
and chased Trent out of the ring. Trent told Chuck that he
had until this Wednesday at Dynamite to tell Trent where he

Shane Taylor Promotions’ Lee Moriarty & Shane Taylor (with
Anthony Ogogo)
Katsuyori Shibata & “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy!

Shibata grappled Lee to the mat. Shibata invited Taylor into
the ring. Taylor and Shibata traded chops and forearms.
Orange tagged in and connected with an elbow drop off the
turnbuckles to Taylor. Orange flew out of the ring with a
tope suicida to Moriarty. Ogogo was going to attack Orange
outside the ring, but Shibata ran out to protect Cassidy,
who had his back turned. Taylor cracked Shibata with a cheap
shot from behind. Taylor squashed Cassidy with a massive leg
drop on the edge of the ring apron.

Shibata staggered Taylor with strikes in the ring. Shibata
and Orange double teamed Taylor in the corner with double
dropkicks. Orange rocked Lee with a Stun Dog Millionaire.
Orange pulped Lee with a DDT. Taylor headbutted Cassidy.
Shibata grabbed Taylor from behind with a rear naked choke.
Moriarty jumped in the ring but couldn’t avoid the Orange
Punch! Orange clocked him with the Orange Punch and then
scored the pin!

Winner Takes All! Titles for Titles!

AEW World Trios Champs The Acclaimed—Anthony Bowens, Max
Caster, & Daddy Ass
ROH World Six-Man Champs The Bang Bang Gang— “Switchblade”
Jay White & The Gunns—Austin & Colten Gunn!

Bowens back body dropped Colten. Austin grabbed a blind tag
and tripped up Bowens. Daddy Ass tagged in and used a side
headlock takeover on Austin. Daddy Ass clubbed Austin with a

Jay White tagged in and battered Billy Gunn in the corner.
Colten grabbed a blind tag and hit Billy from behind. Billy
didn’t budge. Billy clocked Colten and tagged Max Caster.
“Platinum” Max held Austin while Bowens hit the Scissor Me

Colten cracked Billy with the Fame Asser. Jay White struck
Billy with the baseball bat as the ref had his back turned.
The Gunns nailed Billy with the 3:10 to Yuma but Billy
kicked out of Colten’s pin attempt! White planted Bowens
with a uranage. Billy countered a dragon suplex by Jay White
with a Fame Asser. Jay White avoided a second Fame Asser and
countered with the Blade Runner on Billy, scoring the pin!

The Bang Bang Gang are your new Unified World Trios

“Bullet Club Gold got the gold. Wow!” said Taz.

The main portion of Dynasty kicked off with Jim Ross joining
the broadcast booth!

AEW Continental Championship Match!
“Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada (c.) vs. “The Bastard” PAC!

Pac took down Okada with a hurricanrana. Okada slid out of
the ring, but Pac flipped over the top rope and landed on
Okada on the arena floor. Pac whipped Okada into the
barricade. Okada clutched his right shoulder.

“That was a nasty impact,” said Taz.

Pac brought Okada into the ring with an avalanche brain
buster for a near fall! Pac climbed back up but Okada
dropkicked Pac off the turnbuckles. Okada’s force knocked
Pac to the arena floor. Okada whipped Pac into the
barricade. Back in the ring, Okada blasted Pac with a
textbook dropkick.

“That dropkick is amazing by Okada,” said Taz.

Okada draped Pac’s legs over the barricade and then spiked
Pac with a DDT onto the arena floor! Okada stunned Pac with
another DDT in the ring for a near fall. “The Bastard” used
a springboard moonsault to wipe out Okada on the floor. Pac
connected with a flying forearm in the ring. Pac knocked the
wind out of the champion with a shotgun dropkick.

Pac flung Okada to the mat with a German Suplex, but Okada’s
momentum carried him through to his feet. Okada landed a
shotgun dropkick on Pac!

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

“It sure is,” said Jim Ross, hearing the crowd’s reaction.

Okada drilled Pac with a neck breaker. Okada hit an elbow
drop from the top rope. Okada flipped off the crowd with the
middle finger. Pac cradled Okada for a near fall. Pac hit a
thrust kick and then dropped Okada with a lariat. Pac
stunned Okada with a deadlift German Suplex for a two-count!

Pac attempted the Black Arrow, but Okada rolled out of the
way! Okada targeted the neck of the challenger and spiked
Pac with a tombstone piledriver. Okada hoisted up Pac, but
Pac transitioned into the Brutalizer! Okada escaped by
gouging Pac’s eyes. Somehow Pac managed to tombstone Okada!
Pac climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Okada grabbed the
ref’s leg, delaying the game. Pac went for the Black Arrow,
but Okada raised his knees into Pac’s jaw. Okada leveled Pac
with the Rainmaker and pinned Pac!

“A hell of a way to start off the broadcast,” said Jim Ross.

“This match lived up to the prestige of the Continental
Classic Tournament,” replied Excalibur.

Trios Match!

TNT Champion Adam Copeland, NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion
Eddie Kingston, & ROH World Champion Mark Briscoe
The House of Black—Malakai Black, Brody King, & Buddy

Copeland and Black squared off, but Black quickly tagged out
to Brody King. Kingston grabbed a tag and traded chops with
Brody. Kingston staggered Brody with a kick to the back of
the neck. Eddie fired off machine gun chops in the corner.
Brody splashed Kingston in the corner with a cannonball.

Buddy Matthews dropkicked Kingston. The House of Black
worked Eddie over in their corner. Briscoe entered the fray
with some redneck kung fu to Buddy Matthews. Mark catapulted
off a steel chair on the apron, flipped over the post, and
crashed onto Brody on the floor! Brody retaliated with a
Death Valley Driver to Briscoe against the barricade.

“The Rated R Superstar” Adam Copeland tagged in. Copeland
hammered Brody with shots on the top turnbuckle. Brody
chopped Copeland, knocking him to the mat. Briscoe and
Kingston went to double suplex Brody but Black and Matthews
ran in, and power bombed Briscoe and Kingston. Copeland
seized the opportunity and superplexed Brody King!

“What a crash!” said Excalibur.

“Wow, bodies everywhere. These guys have put it all on the
line,” replied Schiavone.

Brody took Briscoe off his feet with a discus lariat.
Kingston fired back with a spinning back fist. Copeland
spiked Brody with the Impaler. Briscoe tried to finish
things off with the Froggy Bow, but Buddy slid in to break
up Copeland’s pin attempt on Brody. Copeland went to spear
Malakai, but Malakai sprayed the mist into Copeland’s eyes!
Malakai cracked Copeland with the End kick and pinned

“Malakai Black was just one step ahead of Copeland with that
mist! Copeland was outplayed. That was wild,” said Taz.

TBS Championship Match!
The House of Black’s Julia Hart (c.) vs. Willow Nightingale!

Kris Statlander and Skye Blue were banned from ringside.
Stokely Hathaway was on commentary for this match.

Willow showed serious aggression, battering Julia with shots
right out of the gate. Willow climbed up the turnbuckles,
but Julia knocked Willow to the floor with a thrust kick.
Julia mounted Willow and bounced Willow’s head against the
mat repeatedly.

“The CEO” Mercedes Moné was scouting the match on a
backstage monitor.

Willow tried for a dropkick from the second turnbuckle, but
Julia dodged it. Julia applied Heartless, but Willow held on
and stood up. Julia escaped Willow’s grip and ate a few
chops from Willow for her troubles. Willow countered Julia’s
moonsault by lifting her boots into Julia’s face! Willow
planted Julia with the Doctor Bomb and pinned Julia Hart!

And new TBS Champion…Willow Nightingale!

Kris Statlander and Stokely Hathaway hugged Willow after the

“The CEO” Mercedes Moné walked onto the ramp and then down
to the ring. Mercedes got in the ring, but Willow held her
newly earned TBS Championship overhead.

If Willow Nightingale is still TBS Champion come Sunday, May
26th, she’ll be defending her title against “The CEO”
Mercedes Moné at AEW Double Or Nothing, live on pay-per-

AEW International Championship Match!
Roderick Strong (c.) vs. Kyle O’Reilly!

Kyle, a submission specialist, went for an arm bar, but
Roddy reach the ropes. Roddy retaliated with a back breaker.
Kyle took down Roddy with a flurry of offense. Kyle went for
a knee strike, but Roddy countered with another break
breaker. Roddy smashed Kyle with a back breaker on the top

Roddy punished Kyle with more back breakers! Roddy asked his
former close friend Kyle, “Is this what you wanted?”

Kyle changed levels and went for a knee bar, but Roddy
reached the bottom rope to break the hold. Roderick got to
his feet, hoisted up Kyle, and planted him down hard. Roddy
staggered Kyle with running elbow strikes. Roddy’s leg got
caught in the ropes and O’Reilly dropped a guillotine knee
on the champion.

O’Reilly applied another knee bar. Roderick used the flat of
his boot, kicking Kyle, forcing Kyle to release the hold.
Roddy baited Kyle in and dropped Kyle with another back
breaker. Roderick superplexed O’Reilly. Both men collided
with lariats, having the same idea, knowing one another very
well. Kyle hit a German Suplex, but Roderick blasted Kyle
with a jumping knee strike!

“What an exchange by both men, and it shows how well the
former friends know each other inside and out,” said

“This is awesome! This is awesome!” the fans chanted.

Kyle yanked on Roderick’s arm, dropping him shoulder first
on the apron. Wardlow walked down the ramp and got onto the
apron. Ref Paul Turner saw Wardlow and ordered him to get
away from the ring.

“The fact of the matter is Wardlow may have gotten busted
but he’s still standing ringside,” said Schiavone.

O’Reilly swung for the fences with a lariat. Kyle followed
up with a brain buster! Roddy fired back with the End of
Heartache and pinned Kyle O’Reilly!

“What a match, and what a battle by Kyle O’Reilly,” said

ROH World Tag Team Champions Mike Bennett and Matt Taven
rolled Adam Cole in a wheelchair onto the ramp. Cole got to
his feet and walked to the ring, no longer needing the

Wardlow shifted the scales in favor of Roderick Strong,”
said Excalibur.

The Undisputed Kingdom celebrated in the ring, but Adam Cole
was shooting some very noticeable devious looks at Wardlow.

FTW Championship Match!
HOOK (c.) vs. “Lionheart” Chris Jericho!

Jericho got thrown by Hook with a Northern Lights suplex,
and then a T-Bone suplex. Jericho grabbed Hook by the head
and bounced Hook’s head off the announcers’ desk. Jericho
pulled a table out from under the ring. Jericho went to
power bomb Hook on the table, but Hook countered with a
suplex. Hook whacked Jericho with a trash can lid onto
Jericho’s head.

Jericho kicked Hook in the midsection and then DDT’ed Hook
onto the trash can lid. Hook T-bone suplexed Jericho off the
apron and down onto the table on the arena floor!

“I’ve done some T-bones through tables, but never like that.
That was wicked!” said Taz.

Jericho regained momentum with a hurricanrana off the top
turnbuckle. Jericho grabbed a trash can, but Hook countered
with a German Suplex, disarming Jericho in the process. Hook
put the trash can over Jericho’s head and torso and hit
Jericho with a kendo stick. Hook suplexed Jericho with the
trash can trapped on Jericho’s head!

Hook propped a table against the turnbuckles. Hook was
looking for another T-Bone, but Jericho escaped with a high
boot and then the Code Breaker to Hook!

“Was that Chris Jericho’s last gasp?” wondered Excalibur.

“If it was, he’d better make the cover now,” replied

Hook jumped on Jericho’s back and locked in Red Rum. Jericho
broke the hold by jumping backwards, sending Hook crashing
through the table. Jericho went for the cover, putting his
legs on the ropes for leverage, but Hook kicked out.

Hook avoided the Judas Effect! Hook applied a knee bar.
Jericho transitioned into the Walls of Jericho! Hook escaped
and cradled Jericho for a near fall. Hook was looking for
the Red Rum again, but this time Jericho countered with a
nasty low blow. Jericho followed up with the Judas Effect
and covered Hook, but Hook kicked out!

Jericho yelled, “I’m sorry,” and then leveled Hook with
another Judas Effect. Jericho covered Hook but Hook kicked

“Two consecutive Judas Effects and somehow Hook is able to
kick out!” said Excalibur.

Jericho grabbed his baseball bat from underneath the ring.
“Stay down! Don’t make me do this Hook!” yelled Jericho.
Hook flipped off Jericho with the middle finger! Jericho KO
’ed Hook with the baseball bat and pinned Hook!

New FTW Champion…” Lionheart” Chris Jericho!

Taz got out of his seat and yelled at Jericho, “Chris, get

The medical staff checked on Hook, while Jericho looked into
the camera and said, “I’m sorry, Hook, but I taught you a

AEW Women’s World Championship Match!
“Timeless” Toni Storm (c.) (with Mariah May & Luther) vs.
Thunder Rosa!

Storm and Thunder Rosa duked it out to begin the match.
Thunder Rosa chopped Toni Storm. Thunder Rosa wiped out
Storm and Luther with a tornillo! Thunder Rosa followed up
with a snap suplex for a near fall on the champ.

Thunder Rosa hammered the chest of “Timeless” Toni Storm
with clubbing shots. Toni Storm caught off Thunder Rosa with
a back breaker. Thunder Rosa power bombed Toni Storm from
off the turnbuckles for a near fall. Thunder Rosa turned the
champion inside out with a dropkick!

Thunder Rosa rocked Toni with a crucifix bomb! Thunder Rosa
charged at Toni and smashed her in the face with a running
dropkick. Thunder Rosa drilled Storm with a Death Valley
Driver on the apron!

Thunder Rosa attempted a package piledriver, but Thunder
Rosa’s back gave out. Toni blasted Thunder Rosa with a back
stabber and then a DDT. Toni planted Thunder Rosa with a pop
up power bomb, but Thunder Rosa kicked out at the two-count.

“A very physical Women’s World Title match, and I don’t
think anyone is surprised by that,” said Tony Schiavone.

Toni Storm lured Thunder Rosa into a head butt. Storm sent
Thunder Rosa flying with a German Suplex. Thunder Rosa got
right up and dished out a German Suplex of her own. Mariah
May jumped onto the ring apron, but Deonna Purrazzo ran down
and they began to brawl outside the ring. Toni Storm rag
dolled Thunder Rosa with a suplex, and then a hip attack.
Storm spiked Thunder Rosa with the Storm Zero but Thunder
Rosa kicked out! Toni Storm applied the Texas Cloverleaf,
but Thunder Rosa crawled her way to the ropes, causing the
ref to break the hold.

Thunder Rosa rocked Storm with a backstabber. Thunder Rosa
applied a cobra clutch, but Storm got to the ropes and
grabbed the ring skirt. As the ref was adjusted the ring
skirt, Storm connected with a low blow and then nailed
Thunder Rosa with the Storm Zero, grabbing the pin!

“Congratulations! Toni Storm is still the champ and she
earned that one,” said Tony Schiavone.

“At this point, who can beat ‘Timeless’ Toni Storm?” asked

“Nobody! She’s in a class all by herself,” replied Tony

An Absolute Dream Match!

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson
“The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay!

Don Callis joined the broadcast booth for this match.

The entire crowd was on their feet in anticipation of this
match as the bell rang! Chants of “AEW! AEW! AEW!” echoed
throughout the arena.

Danielson and Ospreay both had a flurry of offense, with
each man countering and blocking the other. Will chopped out
the leg of Danielson. Danielson flipped off Ospreay and
Ospreay answered with a chop. Danielson grabbed Ospreay’s
ankle. Ospreay got to his feet, but Danielson went for a
snap mare. Ospreay landed on his feet and dropkicked Bryan!

Danielson staggered Ospreay with a European Uppercut.
Ospreay charged in with a high boot to Bryan’s jaw. Ospreay
elevated over the top rope and landed on Danielson on the
floor. Ospreay jumped off the top, but Danielson countered
with a kick to Ospreay’s body.

Bryan dug in with knee strikes, backing up Ospreay. Bryan
tied up Will in a submission, but Will managed to reach the
ropes. Danielson targeted Will’s ribs with rights and lefts.
Ospreay connected with a corkscrew kick out of nowhere!

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Danielson blocked the Hidden Blade with a kick. Danielson
followed up with a Tiger Suplex for a near fall. Danielson
rocked Will with the hammer and anvil attack. Bryan put Will
in the cattle mutilation submission hold. Ospreay managed to
reach the ropes, forcing the ref to break the hold.

Bryan Danielson punished Ospreay in the corner with a
charging kick. Danielson went for a hurricanrana off the top
rope, but Ospreay landed on his feet! Ospreay planted
Danielson with a Tiger Driver for a near fall!

Ospreay was going to attempt the Sky Twister Press, but
Danielson shoved Will, forcing Will to lose his balance.
Bryan Danielson decimated Will Ospreay with an avalanche
tiger suplex! Danielson walloped Will with kicks to Will’s
right arm and shoulder. Danielson nailed Will with the PK,
right on target! Will showed his fighting spirit, getting to
his feet and clocking Danielson with a powerful palm strike
to the face.

Ospreay was looking for a Tiger Drive on the apron, but
Danielson escaped. Instead, Ospreay connected with the Os
Cutter on the apron! Ospreay cracked Danielson with the
hidden blade off the apron!

The fans chanted “We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”

Danielson got back in the ring, but Will was waiting for him
with a powerbomb, Danielson kicked out at the two-count!
Danielson countered an Os Cutter and was looking for a Le
Bell Lock, but Ospreay powered up Danielson. Bryan Danielson
escaped Ospreay’s grip and managed to apply the Le Bell
Lock! Ospreay reached the ropes!

The fans chanted “Fight forever! Fight forever!”

Bryan leveled Will with a round kick to the head. Danielson
blasted Will with the charging knee, covered Will, but Will
kicked out at the two-count! Danielson captured Will’s
wrists and began to stomp on Will’s head. Ospreay mounted
Danielson and pounded him with elbow strikes. Danielson was
playing possum and put on a triangle choke. Will escaped,
standing up and planting Danielson face first!

“This match has gone beyond what I expected,” said

Danielson grabbed Will and headbutted him. Danielson
staggered Will with open palm strikes. Danielson stunned
Will with a shoulder capture suplex! Ospreay popped right up
and smashed Bryan with the hidden blade! Will went for the
Os Cutter, but Danielson countered with the charging knee
strike, perfectly timed!

Will removed his elbow pad. Danielson charged at Ospreay,
but Ospreay was ready with the hidden blade! Ospreay
followed up with a Tiger Driver! Danielson appeared to be
injured, clutching his neck and shoulder. The referee called
for the ringside physician. Ospreay wasted no time,
finishing off Danielson with the hidden blade and pinning

“After the Tiger Driver, the referee called for the ringside
physician, but I don’t think Ospreay realized it,” said

“The way his head bounced—” said Schiavone.

“This is concerning,” added Callis.

The AEW Medical Team got into the ring and stabilized
Danielson’s neck. A very concerned Ospreay checked on
Danielson. Bryan Danielson was able to walk to the back with
the assistance of the medical staff.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Final Ladder

The Young Bucks—Matthew & Nicholas Jackson
FTR—Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood!

The Bucks smashed a ladder into Dax. Cash used a sliding
baseball dropkick, knocking the ladder into the faces of the
Bucks. Matthew and Nicholas served up superkicks to FTR. The
Bucks wiped out Cash with a ladder shot. Dax grabbed
Nicholas off the top rope and body slammed him onto the
ladder. Dax body dropped Nicholas onto the ladder!

Nicholas crashed onto Cash with a cannonball senton onto the
ladder! Dax was busted wide open from a drop toehold into
the edge of the steps. The Bucks battered Dax with chair
shots to the back. Dax was sandwiched between the ladder
while Nicholas whacked him with the steel chair. Cash tried
to get into the ring, but Nicholas whipped the chair right
at Cash’s head!

The Bucks propped up a ladder between the ring and the time
keeper’s table and whipped Dax into it. Cash moonsaulted off
the ladder and wiped out the Bucks! The Bucks retaliated
with an EVP Trigger to Cash on the ladder!

Somehow Cash found the energy to unleash a flurry of offense
on the Bucks in the ring! Cash hoisted up Nicholas on his
shoulders while Dax came down with a bulldog from the top!
Cash speared Matthew through the ropes, sending Matthew off
the apron and crashing through a table on the floor. Dax
went for a powerbomb on the apron, but Nicholas countered
with a hurricanrana, sending Dax hurling through the air and
down through a table on the arena floor!

Matthew climbed the ladder, but Dax pulled off Matthew’s
shoe and FTR neutralized Matthew with the Shatter Machine
off the ladder! Nicholas rammed Cash into a ladder. Dax
superplexed Nicholas off the ladder and Cash followed up
with a dive off the ladder!

The fans chanted “FTR! FTR! FTR!”

Nicholas wiped out Cash with a 450 splash onto the ladder!
Meanwhile, Dax drilled Matthew with a piledriver through a
propped up ladder! Dax began to climb the ladder in the
ring, but Nicholas was there to powerbomb Dax off the
ladder! Nicholas climbed the ladder, but Cash pulled
Nicholas back down and sent Nicholas over the top rope with
a clothesline. Cash rocketed out of the ring with a tope,
but Nicholas dodged it and Cash crashed through a table!

Dax and Nicholas traded shots on top of the ladder. Dax
knocked Nicholas off the ladder! Dax was about to grab the
title belt hanging overhead when someone wearing a mask
jumped into the ring and knocked Dax off the ladder!
Security jumped in the ring to grab the fan, but his mask
was removed, and it was revealed to be…Jack Perry! Nicholas
pulled the belts down and the Bucks won!

“We’ll be watching that footage for a long time,” said Nigel

And new AEW World Tag Team Champions…Matthew and Nicholas
Jackson—AEW EVPs The Young Bucks!

AEW World Championship Match!
Samoa Joe (c.) vs. Swerve Strickland (with Prince Nana)!

Samoa Joe backed Swerve into the corner. Samoa Joe cracked
Swerve with a knee to the midsection, taking the wind out of
Swerve’s sails. Swerve wasted no time with a dropkick.
Swerve went for a tope, but Swerve caught him and countered
by planting Swerve onto the announcers’ desk!

Samoa Joe stripped back the padding from the arena floor.
Swerve flipped over the top rope and rocked Samoa Joe with a
knee to the head. Samoa Joe powerslammed Swerve onto the
concrete! Back in the ring Samoa Joe battered Swerve with
stiff shots. Samoa Joe headbutted Swerve.

The champion swept out Swerve’s legs with a low kick. Swerve
got back up, but Joe wiped him out with a back elbow.
Outside the ring, Joe swung at Swerve, but Swerve dodged the
strike, and Samoa Joe connected with the steel ring post!
Swerve went to work on Samoa Joe’s injured arm.

“Swerve Strickland sees a weakness in the champion and he’s
trying to exploit it,” said Nigel McGuinness.

Swerve planted Samoa Joe with a German Suplex. Swerve
chopped Samoa Joe, who was teetering on the top turnbuckle.
Swerve took Samoa Joe’s arm and drove it into the mat below!
rammed him against the turnbuckles. Samoa Joe followed up
with the Muscle Buster for a near fall!

“Joe’s look of disbelief tells the story,” said Jim Ross.

Samoa Joe grabbed his World title and was about to bring it
into the ring, but Swerve cut him off with the House Call
kick! Swerve followed up with a 450 guillotine onto Samoa
Joe’s neck! Swerve climbed back up to the top turnbuckle and
smashed Samoa Joe with the Swerve Stomp! Swerve covered
Samoa Joe, but Samoa Joe kicked out at the two-count!

Samoa Joe dug his thumbs into Swerve’s eyes. Samoa Joe
picked up the championship belt and Prince Nana jumped onto
the apron, trying to alert the referee. As the referee had
his back turned, Swerve picked up the title belt and swung
it at Samoa Joe, but Samoa Joe countered with his Coquina
Clutch submission.

“Swerve is fading away!” said Jim Ross.

“Because of the damage to Joe’s arm, I don’t think Joe can
put complete pressure onto Swerve,” added Nigel.

Swerve grabbed the thumb of Samoa Joe and managed to get to
his feet. Swerve isolated the arm of Samoa Joe. Swerve
grabbed one of Joe’s arms and pulled back on the other arm.
Swerve cracked Samoa Joe with the House Call and covered
Samoa Joe, but Samoa Joe kicked out at the two-count!

Samoa Joe and Swerve jockeyed for position on the top
turnbuckle. Swerve jumped over Samoa Joe, landed on his
feet, and then power bombed Samoa Joe off the turnbuckles!
Swerve sprung off the top turnbuckle and landed on Samoa Joe
with the Swerve Stomp! Swerve Strickland covered Samoa Joe
and pinned Samoa Joe!

“Swerve! Swerve! Swerve is your new champion!” said Jim

“You just witnessed a moment!” added Nigel McGuinness.

“Swerve Strickland wrestled the perfect match, and he was
rewarded for doing so with the richest prize in our sport.
Swerve Strickland can call himself not just the World
Champion of All Elite Wrestling but the first ever African
American World Champion of All Elite Wrestling. History has
been made tonight!” said Excalibur.

And new All Elite Wrestling World Champion…Swerve

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