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Rampage kicked off with…

High Flying 420 Elimination 4-Way Match!

RVD vs. “Big Shotty” Lee Johnson vs. Private Party’s Isiah
Kassidy (with Marq Quen) vs. Komander (with Alex

Kassidy blindsided RVD with a backstabber. RVD retaliated
with a spin wheel kick, a monkey flip, and then Rolling
Thunder on Kassidy. Lee Johnson picked up Kassidy but
Kassidy gouged Johnson’s eyes and rolled him up, grabbing
the tights, and scored the pin. Lee Johnson was eliminated.

Komander kicked out the feet from under RVD. Komander
followed up with a forearm to RVD in the corner. Komander
jumped off the ropes and back flipped onto Kassidy on the
floor. RVD tried to power bomb Komander on the floor, but
Komander escaped with a rana. Komander scored a near fall
with a senton to Kassidy.

Komander climbed back up, walked the ropes, but Kassidy
shoved him down. RVD tried to go up top, but Quin pulled him
outside the ring. Komander soared off the ropes, splashed
Kassidy and pinned him. Isiah Kassidy was eliminated,
leaving RVD and Komander as the final two competitors.

The fans chanted “RVD! RVD! RVD!”

RVD dropped Komander with a Northern Lights Suplex. Komander
climbed to the top turnbuckle, but RVD met him up there. RVD
went for a superplex, but Komander escaped. RVD retaliated
with a back kick. RVD flew high with the five star frog
splash and pinned Komander!

Yuka Sakazaki vs. Emi Sakura!

Sakura chopped Sakazaki. Yuka connected with a sliding
lariat for a near fall. Yuka applied an STF. Emi escaped and
taunted Yuka. Emi gouged Yuka in the eyes. Emi hit a double
underhook backbreaker. Emi climbed to the top turnbuckle,
but Yuka rocked her with a kick. Yuka used the ropes and
spiked Emi with a German Suplex and pinned Emi!

Rampage Exclusive: “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker was in the

Cool Hand Ang: “The last year of my life has been a bit of a
rollercoaster both professionally and personally. A few
months ago, I had to walk away from my mentor, and I lost
some family and some friends. But I gained the love of my
life along the way.

“Unfortunately, because of some of my actions, I lost that
too. Going into the match on Rampage last week, I said it
was a must win for me. I lost against Zack Knight. After the
year that I’ve had, I realized I don’t have a lot of things
to fight for. So, I came out here tonight to announce my…”

Ruby Soho came down to the ring!

Ruby: “I can’t let you do this. No, it breaks my heart to
hear you say you have nothing to fight for. Because I’m out
here to tell you that you have something very important to
fight for. Angelo, I’m pregnant. I didn’t know how to tell

Parker grabbed Ruby and they kissed!

Cool Hand: “I’m going to be a dad? I love you!”

Ruby: “I love you!”

Rampage Main Event! Trios Match!

Kyle O’Reilly, Rocky “Azucar” Romero, & “Daddy Magic” Matt
Undisputed Kingdom—AEW International Champ Roderick Strong,
& ROH World Tag Team Champs The Kingdom—Matt Taven & Mike

Daddy Magic took down Taven with a couple of arm drags.
Rocky tagged in and used a hurricanrana on Taven. Rocky
walloped Taven with a running clothesline. Bennett blocked a
hurricanrana and Taven nailed Rocky with a neck breaker.

The Undisputed Kingdom worked over Rocky in their corner.
Rocky rocked Taven and Bennett with a double hurricanrana
and reached Daddy Magic for the tag! Daddy Magic put Bennett
in a Boston Crab, but Taven jumped off the ropes with a kick
to Daddy Magic’s head. Taven followed up with a moonsault
for a near fall!

Kyle tagged in and cleaned house on the Undisputed Kingdom!
Roddy attacked Kyle as Kyle had a double submission on Taven
and Bennett. Kyle and Roddy traded chops and kicks in the
center of the ring! Strong stunned Kyle with a back breaker.

Kyle rallied back with a brain buster on Bennett for a two-
count. Kyle put an arm bar on Bennett and Bennett tapped

Kyle: “Roddy, you’ve got about 24 hours to take as many
pictures with that belt as you can. Because tomorrow at
Dynasty, I’m going to take that International Championship
from you!”

Get ready for AEW DYNASTY, live on pay-per-view, tomorrow,
April 21st at 8pm ET/5pm PT from the Chaifetz Arena in St.
Louis, MO!

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