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were broadcast live from the Peoria Civic Center in Peoria,

It’s Saturday night and you know what that means! Saturday
night’s alright for fighting!

Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness were the broadcast team
for tonight’s event.

Trios Match!

TNT Champ Adam Copeland, ROH World Champ Mark Briscoe, &
Eddie Kingston
Action Andretti & Top Flight—Dante & Darius Martin!

Briscoe and Action countered one another in the opening
minutes of the match, but Briscoe leveled Action with a
flying forearm. Copeland came in but Action cracked him with
a back elbow. Darius and Dante used combos on Copeland. Adam
Copeland scooped up Dante and grounded him with a running

Kingston grabbed a tag from Copeland. Kingston clubbed Dante
with a stiff lariat. Dante connected with a jumping knee
strike. Darius and Mark tagged in for their respective
teams. Darius drilled Copeland and Briscoe with a double

Briscoe sent Action and Darius flying with exploders. Both
teams charged at one another, and they all had the same
idea, colliding with clotheslines.

“Six people had the same idea,” said Nigel.

Briscoe planted Darius with the Jay Driller. Kingston
clocked Action with the spinning back fist, and Copeland
followed up with a spear to Action! Briscoe splashed Action
with the froggy bow, and Kingston covered Action for the

After the match, the arena lights went dark! The House of
Black’s Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews and Brody King
appeared on the screen. The House of Black said they’d
eradicate Copeland, Briscoe, and Kingston at Dynasty

“Some ominous warnings from the House of Black,” said Tony

The Don Callis Family’s Powerhouse Hobbs (with Don Callis)
vs. CJ Esparza!

Hobbs will be facing IWGP Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley on
Dynamite this Wednesday.

Powerhouse Hobbs bulldozed Esparza. Hobbs hit the World’s
Most Dangerous Slam on the apron over and over.

“He’s gonna break this kid in two! Rack ‘em!” shouted

Hobbs put Esparza in the torture rack and quickly gained a
dominant victory.

Callis: “I have something important to say. The Don Callis
Family is the talk of professional wrestling. Everybody
knows that I was directly responsible in 2017 for Kenny
Omega winning the IWGP Heavyweight Title. Everybody knows
the biggest match in the history of Japanese wrestling was
Jericho vs. Omega at the Tokyo Dome in 2018. That match was
signed, sealed and delivered by Don Callis. A match that set
new course of success, and when they thanked me for the
favor, I said one day I may come and ask you for a favor.

“I waited six years to cash that favor in. I cashed in all
my chips and I’m happy to announce that the match on
Dynamite between Jon Moxley and Powerhouse Hobbs will be for
the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. And one more time, the
IWGP Championship will come home to the Don Callis Family!”

Chris Jericho was outside the arena with a message for FTW
Champion HOOK!

Jericho said he wanted to apologize to Hook for pushing Taz
on Dynamite. But Jericho was going to take Hook up on his
offer. So, Jericho said he went to Tony Khan for a match for
the FTW Championship at Dynasty and Tony Khan granted it.

“The learning tree is going to teach you one of the hardest
lessons you’ll learn. You’ll learn what it’s like to lose
one of the things you value the most when I take that FTW
Championship from you,” said Jericho.

AEW World Trios Champions The Acclaimed—Anthony Bowens & Max
Caster (with Daddy Ass)
ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Gunns—Austin &
Colten Gunn (with “Switchblade” Jay White)!

Schiavone said that Tony Khan told him that if the Gunns
walked out, they wouldn’t have a match tomorrow at Dynasty.
The Acclaimed grabbed the Gunns and pulled them back into
the ring!

Bowens blasted Colten with the Fame-Asser. Bowens cradled
Colten for a pin, but Colten shoved Bowens off him,
inadvertently knocking Bowens into Caster. Bowens smashed
Colten over his knee and went for the cover, but Austin
jumped in to break up the pin.

Austin grabbed Bowens by the ankle. Colten hit the Fame
Asser this time for a near fall on Bowens. Austin entered
the match with a running bulldog on Bowens. Caster grabbed a
blind tag. Colten racked Caster’s eyes and then forearmed
Caster to the back of the neck. Caster tried to rally back,
climbing to the top turnbuckle, but Colten shoved Caster.
The Gunns smashed Bowens with 3:10 to Yuma! Caster jumped
from the top with the Mic Drop on Austin. In all the
commotion, Colten covered Caster for a pin, and with the
assistance of some leverage from Jay White and White’s
baseball bat, got the three-count!

“They stole the win! But tomorrow it’s winner take all
during AEW DYNASTY: Zero Hour at 6:30 ET on YouTube,” said

Bunkhouse Brawl!

Blackpool Combat Club’s Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli
The Don Callis Family’s Konosuke Takeshita & ROH World TV
Champ Kyle Fletcher!

Takeshita and Fletcher ambushed the BCC as the BCC made
their entrance!

The two teams brawled into the crowd! Claudio rammed a
garbage can into Takeshita’s body. Danielson whipped
Fletcher into the barricade and then onto the announcers’
desk. Takeshita hit Claudio with the time keeper’s bell
hammer. Danielson wrapped a cord around Fletcher on the
floor, trying to choke him out.

Claudio put Takeshita into the Giant Swing and then
Danielson dropkicked Takeshita. Fletcher cracked Danielson
with a steel chair. Fletcher blinded Claudio with powder in
the eyes. Fletcher power bombed Claudio for a near fall.

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!"

Danielson countered a brain buster on the ramp with a DDT to
Takeshita. Claudio clocked Fletcher in the head with
Fletcher’s championship belt. Danielson was busted wide
open. Claudio smashed Fletcher’s head into the steel ring
steps, and now Fletcher was bleeding from the head.

Danielson dropped Takeshita with a spin kick to the head.
Fletcher grabbed Danielson by the ankle and Takeshita seized
the moment to double team Danielson. Takeshita wrapped a
steel chain around his fist. Takeshita tried to hit
Danielson with the chain, but Danielson blocked it with a
kick. The BCC put Takeshita and Fletcher in stereo Le Bell
Locks. Hobbs ran into the ring and wiped out the BCC with
spinebusters. From out of nowhere, IWGP Heavyweight Champion
Jon Moxley got into the ring and he and Powerhouse Hobbs
duked it out! They brawled into the crowd!

Fletcher grabbed Danielson and put him into the waiting arms
of Takeshita, who was on the turnbuckles. Takeshita was
looking to powerbomb Danielson from the turnbuckles onto a
steel chair, but Danielson countered with a hurricanrana!
Claudio had the steel chain wrapped around his arm and
nailed Fletcher with a running lariat!

Danielson rocked Fletcher with a running knee strike!
Danielson wrapped the chain around Fletcher, put Fletcher in
the LeBell Lock, and forced Fletcher to tap out!

“Will Ospreay, tomorrow at Dynasty, I’m going to beat your
ass!” said Danielson.

Willow Nightingale, Kris Statlander, and Stokely Hathaway
were backstage!

Statlander said they were fired up. Willow asked Julia if a
confident champion would hit their opponent with a chain
just days before their match. Willow told Julia that she had
her number this time. “Tomorrow at Dynasty, I’m walking out
at TBS Champion!” said Willow.

Skye Blue (with TBS Champion Julia Hart) vs. “Legit” Leyla

Leyla escaped the Code Blue and then pump kicked Skye. Skye
Blue nailed Leyla with a spinning neck breaker off the apron
onto the arena floor. Blue blasted Leyla with a cartwheel
elbow to the face. Leyla rallied back with a suplex off the
turnbuckles. Skye Blue wasn’t dazed for long, winning with
the dragon sleeper.

Collision Main Event Trios Match!
The Elite—AEW Continental Champ Kazuchika Okada and EVPs The
Young Bucks—Matthew & Nicholas Jackson
“The Bastard” Pac & FTR—Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood!

Pac stunned Okada with an onslaught of kicks. Pac and FTR
hit the Elite with sliding baseball kicks. Dax grabbed a tag
and chopped Okada in the corner. Matthew tagged in but ate a
hip toss from Dax. Pac was looking for the Rings of Saturn
on Okada, but the Bucks ran in to make the save. The Elite
tried for their own baseball dropkick to the outside, but
FTR and Pac dodged it.

Pac cracked Nicholas with a running kick and then a brain
buster. Matthew jumped in to break up the pin attempt on his
brother. Pac fought off all three members of the Elite! Dax
hoisted up Okada for a stuffed piledriver with the
assistance of Pac.

Okada distracted the referee while the Bucks double teamed
Pac outside the ring! Back in the ring, Okada face planted
Pac. Dax grabbed a hot tag and cleaned house on the Bucks!
Dax drilled Okada with a brain buster!

Okada rocked Dax with a DDT. Okada dared Dax to hit him, and
Dax obliged with chops. Okada leveled Dax with a dropkick.
Dax countered a Rainmaker with the Sharp Shooter. The Bucks
superkicked Dax to break Okada free.

The fans chanted “This is awesome! This is awesome!”

Pac connected with a 450 splash on Matthew Jackson, but the
Elite broke up the pin. The Bucks stunned Pac with
superkicks and then planted Pac with the Shatter Machine for
a near fall! The Bucks walloped Pac with the EVP Trigger,
but Cash Wheeler was there to save Pac from the pin.

FTR rallied back with the Shatter Machine on Matthew! Pac
hit the Black Arrow on Matthew Jackson and scored the pin!
After the match, Okada and Nicholas attacked Pac until
Daniel Garcia sprinted to the ring, trying to even up the
odds! Pac put Okada in the Brutalizer until the Bucks pulled
Okada out of the ring!

“The Elite taking the low road out,” said Tony Schiavone.

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