YOICHI addresses his recent title win, opens up about Pro Wrestling NOAH, PROGRESS Wrestling,

Posted on 4/19/124 by Phil Johnson

Pro Wrestling Noah and Progress Wrestling star YOICHI
recently joined PWMania.com's Lee Tarrier for an exclusive
interview. During the discussion, YOICHI talked about
becoming PROGRESS Atlas Champion, Pro Wrestling NOAH, his
ambitions to continue working in the United States, and
more. You can read the entire interview by clicking here.

Here are some highlights:

Becoming PROGRESS Atlas Champion:

"Thank you very much. The match against RKJ was one of the
hardest matches I have been in. It was a very tough match
where we hit each other with everything we had. To be on
such a big stage, I had to have a strong mind to beat such a
fantastic talent. RKJ held the title well and to defeat him
was a great accomplishment.
"Now, I want to make sure I can defend the title in a series
of strong style, stand out matches."

Pro Wrestling NOAH:

"I had some great moments in Pro Wrestling NOAH. It was
where I really learned the art of the sport and developed my
hard hitting style. But, for me, my most memorable moment in
a Pro Wrestling NOAH ring was my match against Wagner JR.

"That match was my first ever challenge for a singles title
and it meant so much to me to be able to do so. It is a very
different environment when you go into a title match. There
is a different level of expectation from the crowd, your
opponent and all your fellow wrestlers.

"It is why this match, and my incredible opponent, Wagner
Jr. made me stronger and ready for future title challenges
in the future."

Wrestling in the United States:

"Wrestling in the United States was a very exciting thing to
do, especially during a time when so many fans from around
the world got together in one place to watch the sport.

"The crowds were amazing and the environment is great so, of
course, i would love to wrestle in the USA again.

"DEFY is a great company and one I would love to defend my
ATLAS title in. But I would love to travel across the
country, visiting many promotions and wrestling the
different rosters that are out there. I like the idea of
taking on people with different ring styles and showing the
American audience my hard-hitting style.

"I hope to wrestle in the USA again very soon!"

YOICHI also commented on how British pro wrestling differs
from Japan and much more. You can check out the complete
interview at this link.

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