NYLA ROSE: Oklahoma Athletic Commission issues warning to AEW over Nyla Rose wrestling cisgender females

Posted on 4/18/124 by Colin Vassallo

The Oklahoma Athletic Commission has warned AEW not to allow
“a transgender (born male) to compete against a female”
again in the state following the December 20, 2023 Dynamite
from the Paycom Center.

In a meeting between members of the Commission,
Administrator Joe Miller said that they had no idea about
this before as the wrestler in question, Nyla Rose, filled
her wrestling license application as a female.

Miller said that he called AEW and explained that it was a
violation of the OSAC rules and asked the Commission to take
action against the company.

Another Commission member, Mike Bower, stated that the
wrestling application fails to ask if someone had gender
reassignment unlike the boxing or MMA applications so it
needs to be updated.

It was then decided that since there was already something
like this which happened with a local wrestling promotion
and they only got a warning, they should be consistent and
instead just issue a warning to AEW to refrain from pitting
a born male against a born female in a wrestling match or
else there would be punitive damages.

Section 92:10-1-5 of the OSAC states that “The Commission
will not approve sanctioning permits between human
participants and non-humans or between males and females. A
male participant is a person of the heterogametic sex born
with XY chromosomes. A female participant is a person born
of the homogametic sex with XX chromosomes.”

Responding to the news, Rose joked on X by asking, “Who the
f*ck was it?” She then added, “Don’t worry Oklahoma I’ll
find the dastardly Transgender that *checks notes*
entertained fans!!! HOW DARE THEY MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY?!!!”

At the media conference today ahead of Dynasty, AEW
President Tony Khan was asked for his reaction and he said
that he’s disappointed by the Commission’s decision and
warning. He said that he feels AEW did nothing wrong and
there shouldn’t be any discrimination.

Khan was also non-committal about future shows in the state
but said he’ll do anything to continue supporting their
Oklahoma fans.

The Commission notes were released by @realrasslinUK

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