Trailer for "Harley Race: World's Champion" with rare title matches with Dusty, Funks, Brisco and more available now on DVD/digital

Posted on 4/18/124 by Joe Dombrowski

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He was considered by most of his era to be the greatest
traveling world champion, and one of the toughest and most
respected pro wrestlers of all time. Harley Race broke
records, broke bones, and broke the mold. See why and how in
this release of some of Harley's most rarely seen recorded
matches! Watch as Harley travels the world, building a
reputation in every territory, taking on the area's finest,
withstanding a schedule very few could, all to prove he was
the most elite grappler in the sport.

Whether it was due to his stern, intimidating interviews,
his viciousness between the ropes, or his staying power as
wrestling's top draw, Harley Race will never be forgotten by
anyone who had the pleasure of watching him or the
displeasure of crossing him.

This brand new DVD, Digital, and Streaming release contains
a full action-packed 90 minute feature of Harley's most
physical ring wars still available on video, plus a special
bonus thirty minutes of action exclusively for DVD/VOD
viewers! Executive produced by Todd Okerlund (son of the one
and only "Mean" Gene Okerlund), hosted by one of the pre-
eminent voices of classic and current wrestling, Joe
Dombrowski (MLW, AAA, Brian Pillman Memorial Anthology,
etc), and co-produced with Savmar Media/Ultimate Classic
Wrestling, extra care was taken by some of wrestling's
finest content preservers in presenting Harley's career with
the respect and reverence it deserves, and to provide the
most complete surviving footage from deep in the archives
for all his fans to see. Featuring over a dozen rarities,
some presumed lost for decades, many of which with the
prestigious NWA World Title at stake:

Harley Race vs. Dusty Rhodes

Harley Race vs. Terry Funk

Harley Race vs. Jack Brisco

Harley Race vs. Jerry Lawler

Harley Race vs. Dory Funk Jr.

Harley Race vs. Dick The Bruiser

Harley Race vs. Rick Martel

Harley Race vs. Angelo Poffo

Harley Race vs. Terry Taylor

Harley Race vs. Rick McGraw

Harley Race vs. Mike Stallings

Plus rarely seen interviews and also bonus matches exclusive
to the DVD/VOD featuring Harley against Gary Young, Terry
Gibbs, Jerry Stubbs, Randy Alls, Max Blue & Reggie Parks!

Don't miss this chance to see why many considered Harley to
be the greatest wrestler on God's Green Earth AVAILABLE NOW!
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