TONY SCHIAVONE: Tony Schiavone says his sad face on Dynamite was to try and put more heat on The Young Bucks

Posted on 4/16/124 by Colin Vassallo

AEW announcer Tony Schiavone shot down reports that his “sad
face” last Wednesday on Dynamite after the All In backstage
footage aired was not because he was angry, but because he
was trying to put on more heat on The Young Bucks.

Speaking on his What Happened When podcast, Schiavone
refuted the claims that he had the same face during the
closing days of WCW.

“I did not have any reaction to the footage we’d seen
because I don’t give a damn,” Schiavone said. “So what? So
f*cking what. I was not upset at the promotion, I was not
upset at Tony Khan, I was not pissed off about what we had

Schiavone said that he was trying to be fully in the moment
of the angle and said he’s sincere when he says he doesn’t

“It has no impact on my life,” he continued.

Schiavone was not exactly happy his name came up during the
CM Punk interview and while Punk never spoke about Tony in a
bad way, Schiavone still didn’t care about what Punk had to

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