"Von Erichs At The Chase - Kerry, Kevin and David in St. Louis"...available NOW on DVD/Digital

Posted on 4/15/124 by Joe Dombrowski

"Von Erichs At The Chase - Kerry, Kevin & David in St.
Louis" - Available NOW on DVD & Digital! Over 30 Matches
Featuring Flair, Race, DiBiase, Valentine, Kiniski, Raschke,
Patera and more!

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Hot off the success of the “Von Erich Dynasty: Masters of
the Iron Claw” release this past December, comes a deep dive
of the famous brothers outside of their homebase and into
what many consider to be the true proving ground of pro
wrestling excellence in its era!

The Von Erichs may be synonymous with Dallas, but their fame
and popularity spans the globe. Before the days of
nationally televised promotions, wrestlers would travel from
territory to territory to build their fanbase and
reputation, encountering a different style and vibe in every
area. Kerry, Kevin, and David Von Erich traveled all over to
solidify the Von Erich reputation, but their time spent in
St. Louis is often overlooked. Promoted by Sam Mushnick, and
known for the legendary “Wrestling At The Chase” television
show, St. Louis was where to go to prove you were a true
wrestler’s wrestler and could hang with the sport’s finest
athletes. Could the three Von Erich brothers fit the bill?
From the historic Chase Ballroom to Kiel Auditorium and the
Checkerdome, check out some of the Von Erichs’ most historic
battles in the “Gateway to the West” and judge for yourself!

See Ric Flair put the most prestigious title in wrestling –
the NWA World’s Title on the line in front of a rabid crowd,
as he’s challenged by both Kerry and Kevin Von Erich in two
separate title bouts!

David Von Erich pursues the same “Ten Pounds of Gold” in two
battles against “The Greatest Wrestler On God’s Green Earth,
Harley Race!

Kerry and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine engage in two fierce
battles centered around the Missouri State Heavyweight

Rare film reel footage captures Kevin teaming with Gary
Young to oppose the legendary Bruiser Brody & Buck Robley!

David teams with Ted DiBiase to oppose Baron Von Raschke &
Dick Murdoch, then steps into singles competition against
Bobby Jaggers!

Kevin battles the likes of Ken Patera, Dick Murdoch and
Billy Robinson one-on-one, and joins the legendary Gene
Kiniski to tag against Murdoch and Bulldog Bob Brown!

Rufus R. Jones teams with David to oppose Harley Race & Greg
Valentine, and joins Kerry to battle the likes of JJ Dillion
& Ray (Hercules) Hernandez!

Kerry steps into singles action against Buzz Tyler
(w/Crusher Blackwell ringside!), and even a very young Al

Kevin demonstrates his painful bodyscissors on legendary
commentator Larry Matysik!

Plus: Interviews, exclusives and more! Over 30 matches in
all! Total runtime: 6 hours!

Order Now!

DVD: www.Joe-Dombrowski.com
Digital/VOD: www.ProWrestlingLibrary.com

And be sure to check out "Von Erich Dynasty - Masters of the
Iron Claw" and hundreds of hours of more rare, classic, and
original match footage, documentaries, compilations and

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