Independence Pro Wrestling April 14 Kalamazoo, MI results

Posted on 4/15/124 by Leonard Brand


KALAMAZOO - Independence Pro Wrestling at Ruggers Up & Under
Sports Pub: Bendrick Bison & Nasty Nathan Sharpe defeated Da'
Yoopers...Brutus Dylan pinned CJ Cole...Chad Alpha pinned Jack
Serious...Mondo Real & Max Morrison defeated Brutus Dylan &
Gunner Wix...Mondo Real & Max Morrison defeated Bendrick Bison
& Nasty Nathan Sharpe to win the vacant Tag Team belts...Lil'
Missy pinned Thunderkitty...Jimmy Shalwin defeated Big Jorge &
Anderson Knight in a 30 minute Iron Man match to win the
Michiana Interim belt...Jeff King pinned Josh Raymond in a
barbed wire ropes match.

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