WILL OSPREAY: Will Ospreay responds to Levesque on Dynamite after jab on lighter schedule

Posted on 4/11/124 by Colin Vassallo

Will Ospreay seemed like he was offended at the remarks that
Triple H made over WrestleMania weekend when during the Pat
McAfee Show on Friday he said that those who prefer to work
elsewhere because of the lighter schedule have no business
being in WWE.

“If you’re not in it for the grind at that point early in
your career, you have no business being here,” Triple H

Speaking with Renee Paquette in an interview on Dynamite,
the British star fired back at Triple H.

“Normally I wouldn’t rise to this type of bait. But seeing
as the guy who said it is only in the position he is in
because he was grinding on the boss’s daughter, you are in
no position to tell me what the grind is all about, my
friend, because you have no idea what I fight for,” Ospreay
said as as uncomfortable-looking Paquette lowered her head.

“So let this be a painful little jab back and a gentle
reminder, that you do not throw stones at an assassin with a
machine gun,” Ospreay continued, adding before that he’s
delivering some of the best wrestling matches the world has
ever seen.

But in a recent interview with Chris Jericho on his podcast,
Ospreay said that while he talked to WWE, it was night and
day compared to AEW and specifically mentioned the lighter

“The scheduling, everything about AEW was completely the
right option for me. It was always, you can go be a
superstar in WWE and famous, but it’s not as good of pay and
it’s not as kind of a schedule,” he said.

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