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Tonight’s episode of AEW DYNAMITE was broadcast live from
Charleston Coliseum in Charleston, WV!

Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz
were the broadcast team for tonight’s event.

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!

AEW World Title Eliminator Match!

AE World Champion Samoa Joe vs. “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes!

As Samoa Joe was making his entrance, Swerve Strickland
ambushed the champ on the ramp! They brawled onto the arena
floor. Swerve speared Samoa Joe through a table that Samoa
Joe had propped against a guardrail. Security pushed Swerve
back to the locker room. Samoa Joe eventually staggered to
his feet and seemed to pursue Swerve.

Renee Paquette was backstage outside Orange Cassidy’s locker

Renee said that Orange would have a match on Rampage this
Friday, and she was assured by Orange that he’d be
addressing the heartless actions of Trent Beretta.

TNT Championship Match!

“The Rated R Superstar” Adam Copeland (c.)
Penta El Zero Miedo (with Alex Abrahantes)!

Penta speared Copeland and then stuck him with a diving
double foot stomp for a near fall.

“Shock and awe right out of the box, trying to win the TNT
Title,” said Taz.

Penta El Zero Miedo hit Copeland with a clothesline,
knocking Copeland to the arena floor. Copeland got back in
the ring and Penta greeted him with a chop to Copeland’s
chest. Copeland rallied back with flying head scissors.
Copeland and Penta El Zero Miedo both had the same idea,
fighting fire with fire, clubbing each other with lariats
and then high boots.

Penta El Zero Miedo had Copeland rocked after a sling blade.
Penta flipped over the top rope with a dive onto Copeland.
Back in the ring, Copeland found an opening, planting Penta
face first on the mat.

Copeland applied a modified sharpshooter onto Penta El Zero
Miedo, but Penta made the crawl to the bottom rope, forcing
the ref to break the hold. Penta stunned Copeland with a
stalling dropkick. Copeland secured the cross face on Penta,
wrenching back, but once again Penta reached the ropes.

Copeland was looking for a Death Valley Driver on the apron,
but Penta escaped. Penta charged at Copeland but Copeland
power slammed Penta onto the apron! Copeland tried to spear
Penta but inadvertently speared Alex Abrahantes. Penta got
to his feet and clocked Copeland with a thrust kick.

Penta El Zero Miedo drilled Copeland with an avalanche Code
Red! Penta jumped off the middle rope, but Copeland
countered with a spear and pinned Penta El Zero Miedo!

After the match, the arena lights went out. The lights came
back on, and TBS Champion Julia Hart was standing in front
of Copeland. The House of Black’s Brody King blindsided
Copeland and began to kick and stomp him. Brody smashed
Copeland with a running boot. Brody applied a rear naked
choke on Copeland.

Willow Nightingale sprinted to the ring and began to ground
and pound Julia. Brody pulled Julia out of harm’s way.
Copeland got back to his feet and decked Brody, forcing him
out of the ring! Brody and Julia retreated, while Brody
barked at Copeland.

Renee Paquette was backstage with ROH World Champion Mark
Briscoe and “Mad King” Eddie Kingston!

TNT Champion Adam Copeland, Willow Nightingale, and Stokely
Hathaway interrupted Renee’s interview.

Copeland said he wanted to make sure Briscoe and Kingston
were good for their trios match against the House of Black
at Dynasty. Briscoe and Kingston assured Copeland they were

Stokely: “What about next week on Dynamite, you put that TNT
Championship on the line against Willow Nightingale!”

Willow: “No, no, that’s not what we were saying Stokely.
Brody, I saw you beating up on Adam. Julia, you tried to get
me with the mist, but not this time. So Dynamite next week,
what do you say we team up Adam?”

Copeland: “I’ve got an idea. Before Dynasty, before the
three of us, the Rated Chicken Hawks, I just made that up,
before we take out the House of Black, Willow, what do you
say, me and you against Julia and Brody, next week on

Willow: “Yeah!”

The Young Bucks—Nicholas & Matthew Jackson—were in their
dressing room to present backstage footage from ALL IN:
London 2023!

Matthew told Nicholas to set it up with a little context.

Nicholas said AEW has a massive pay-per-view coming up on
April 21st, AEW Dynasty. Taking place at Dynasty will be the
finals of the tag team tournament, featuring FTR against the
Young Bucks. Nicholas said the last time they wrestled FTR
was at All In, and he still has some wounds that haven’t

Matthew said right before the match there was an incident
backstage involving two individuals, “the first being the
scapegoat in this entire situation, Jack Perry.” Nicholas
interrupted Matthew and said the other individual “tried to
make this entire show about himself. As a matter of fact,
this individual happens to be good friends with FTR. Which
got me thinking maybe FTR were the masterminds behind this
entire thing.” Matthew said the incident threw them off
their game and FTR’s win should come with an asterisk in the
history books.

Nicholas said at Dynasty they weren’t shaking hands with FTR
and called them pricks. “Be ready,” said Nicholas.

FTR—Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood—came out to the ring!

Cash: “Why are we showing this? What are you two hoping to
accomplish other than having a built-in excuse as to why you
lost at Wembley. I am sick and tired of hearing about this
and talking about this. Everybody back there, us, we are
ready to move on and put this in the past. But instead,
we’re showing videos from eight months ago because the Bucks
can’t let go that they lost to FTR. At Dynasty, we have to
beat you. It’s not for legacy or history, it’s because I’m
sick of you!”

Dax: “So that’s our bosses. Every interview they have they
let us all know that without them, hundreds of people would
be out of a job and without them, AEW probably wouldn’t
exist. The scary thing is I don’t necessarily disagree with
them. Without the Young Bucks I might still be shaving
Cash’s back.

“But because of the Young Bucks, we have something that
makes them sick. We have eclipsed them as the absolute best
tag team on this planet. And at one time the Bucks cared
about AEW, but somewhere along the way, whether it was greed
or jealousy, you guys lost that. And now three other letters
have taken over. The only thing you care about is what’s
best for the EVPs. So, if it takes my last breath, on our
backs, we will continue to build this place. We are building
it for the future of all professional wrestlers. We are
building this for every person who spends their hard earned
money on one ticket to get lost in our drama and our action.
We are doing this for you.

“And if the Young Bucks don’t want to be part of that AEW,
grab your ball, go home, we got this. This ain’t about
Wembley. This is about AEW, a company I love, an industry I
love. But more importantly this is about the AEW World Tag
Team Championships. Two teams walk in, one team walks out as
the first ever three time AEW World Tag Team Champions.
Young Bucks, you may have built this foundation, but we will
put the roof on top of this house, just to blow it right
off. Top guys out!”

Renee Paquette interview “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay!

Ospreay: “I’ve been thinking about this all week. There’s
this rumor going around that I’m afraid of the grind. I’ll
be honest with you, I have no idea where this conversation
has come from. I travel every single week from the US to the
UK and back and I’m delivering some of the best professional
wrestling matches this world has ever seen. And normally I
wouldn’t take the bait, but since the guy who said it is
only in the position he’s in because he was grinding on the
boss’s daughter, you are in no position to tell me what the
grind is all about because you have no idea what I fight
for. So let this be a painful little jab back that you do
not throw stones at an assassin with a machine gun.

“Now Bryan, you said I’m stronger and faster than you, which
I am. And you said the only way you have a chance at beating
me is if you can ground me, but healthier and younger and
better men than you have tried and failed. But Bryan
Danielson, you are a living legend in this game, and I
cannot say I am the best wrestler in the world until I pin
you at Dynasty. This is AEW where the best wrestle! It’s my
time, Mr. Danielson, to show every single person what I’m
about and why I’m the ace of AEW! Bryan Danielson, you find
out Sunday, April 21st, why my name is Will Ospreay, and I
am on another level!”

Trios Match!

“Lionheart” Chris Jericho, FTW Champion HOOK, & Katsuyori
Shane Taylor Promotions— “The Guv’nor” Anthony Ogogo, Lee
Moriarty, & Shane Taylor!

Jericho hit Moriarty with a shoulder block and then a
lionsault for a near fall. Jericho battered Lee with short
clotheslines in the corner. Jericho sent Moriarty for a ride
with a hurricanrana off the top turnbuckle.

Shibata tagged in and mauled Moriarty with a forearm and
then a round kick to the spine. Shane Taylor entered the
match and Hook asked to be tagged in, so Shibata obliged.
Taylor clubbed Hook with a lariat. Hook fired back with a
German Suplex to Taylor!

Shibata tagged in and cracked Lee with a high boot in the
corner. Shibata chopped down Lee and then decimated Lee with
a running dropkick in the corner. Shibata went for a running
kick to Lee, but Lee dodged it. Shibata inadvertently caught
Jericho with the kick.

Shibata tried to tag out to Hook, but Jericho pulled Hook
off the apron to prevent the tag. Jericho asked Hook what
Shibata’s problem was. Hook and Jericho argued outside the
ring, trying to sort things out. Shibata locked Lee in a
sleeper. Shane Taylor ran in and clubbed Shibata with his
right hand, and Lee grabbed the pin on Shibata!

“The argument between Chris Jericho and Hook left the door
open for Shane Taylor to land that big right hand and put
him out, setting him up for Lee Moriarty,” said Excalibur.

Tempers were flaring and Hook told Jericho to leave!

AEW Continental Champion Kazuchika Okada vs. Christiano

Okada leveled Argento with a big elbow strike. Okada wasn’t
even breaking a sweat. Okada smashed Argento with a dropkick
and then the rainmaker to score the pin!

Okada: “Hey Pac, I accept your challenge! I’ll see you at

“The Bastard” Pac’s music began to play. Pac walked onto the
stage and paced back and forth, staring at Okada! Pac walked
to the ring to confront Okada, but the Bucks ran out and hit
Pac from behind. The Elite triple teamed Pac. The Bucks
nailed Pac with superkicks. FTR sprinted into the ring and
cleaned house on the Bucks! FTR wanted to hit the Shatter
Machine on Matthew, but Okada jumped back into the ring with
a steel chair and whacked FTR with chair shots!

The Bucks blasted FTR with superkicks and then the EVP
Trigger! Okada cracked Pac in the side of the head with a
steel chair!

Backstage we heard from the ROH Six-Man Champions the Bang
Bang Gang!

They ran down a list of their recent accomplishments,
including “Switchblade” Jay White putting a beating on Billy
Gunn. Jay White said he wanted another match on Rampage, but
he wanted the Gunns to find him someone besides Billy.

Up Next: AEW Women’s World Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm
hosted a Charleston Championship Champagne Toast for Thunder

Renee Paquette was on the ramp and introduced Thunder Rosa
first. Renee then welcomed Toni Storm “Toni Storm, the floor
is yours, toast away,” said Renee.

Storm threw a glass of champagne into Thunder Rosa’s eyes!
Storm cracked Thunder Rosa in the head with a silver tray.
Storm smeared Thunder Rosa’s face paint. Deonna Purrazzo ran
out to the aid of Thunder Rosa, but Thunder Rosa pushed
Deonna away! Deonna stormed off!

Mariah May vs. Anna Jay!

Anna ducked a shot from Mariah and fired back with a chop to
Mariah. The two exchanged overhand chops in the center of
the ring. Anna nailed Mariah with a neck breaker. Mariah
headbutted Anna Jay.

Mariah May scored with a dropkick. Anna dodged a hip attack
and rallied back with forearms. Anna charged at Mariah and
clobbered her with a kick in the corner. Mariah retaliated
with a running hip attack. Mariah rolled up Anna and pinned

After the match, Anna applied the Queen Slayer, not taking
the loss lightly. Mina Shirakawa from Stardom sprinted to
the ring, having the back of her former partner in Japan,
Mariah May. Anna Jay retreated to the back. Mina brought in
two glasses of champagne, gave some to Mariah, and then
kissed Mariah.

Alex Marvez was backstage with “The CEO” Mercedes Moné!

Mercedes: “Double or Nothing! Five years ago, history was
made when AEW had their first pay-per-view there. And I’m a
history maker. And I decided to make history yet again when
I head to Vegas to be the TBS Champion because Moné changes

Marvez asked if Mercedes would rather face Julia Hart or
Willow Nightingale, but before Mercedes could respond, the
lights went out! Someone attacked Mercedes in the dark!

Main Event Time! AEW World Title Eliminator Match!
AEW World Champion Samoa Joe vs. “The Natural” Dustin

Samoa Joe and Dustin Rhodes traded strikes. Samoa Joe
whipped Dustin into the guardrail. Joe jabbed Dustin, but
Dustin fired back with a lariat. Dustin Rhodes was taking
the fight to the champion. Samoa Joe headbutted Dustin.

Samoa Joe rammed Dustin into the steel ring post! Dustin
Rhodes was busted wide open! Samoa Joe bludgeoned Dustin
with more strikes in the ring. Dustin turned things around
with a powerslam!

Dustin Rhodes walloped Samoa Joe with a Code Red for a near
fall. Dustin went for a running bulldog, but Samoa Joe
countered with a lariat. Dustin Rhodes grabbed the World
title and brought it into the ring. Dustin wanted to use it
on Samoa Joe, but ref Paul Turner warned Dustin not to use
it. Dustin put the championship belt down. Dustin nailed
Samoa Joe with the Cross Rhodes for a two-count!

Dustin Rhodes charged at Samoa Joe, but Joe wiped out Dustin
with an STO! Samoa Joe grabbed a steel chain out of the
corner and wrapped it around his fist. It was the chain that
previously belonged to Swerve Strickland. Ref Paul Turner
removed the chain from the ring. As the ref was handing the
chain to an AEW ring crew member, his back was turned, and
Samoa Joe seized the opportunity to bash the championship
belt into Dustin’s head! Samoa Joe covered a knocked out
Dustin and pinned him!

Samoa Joe applied a sleeper to Dustin after the match,
trying to send a message to Swerve Strickland. Swerve
appeared out of nowhere and cracked Joe with the House Call
kick! Swerve Strickland grabbed the steel chain and drilled
Joe with a chain-wrapped fist!

The locker room emptied and kept both wrestlers apart!
Prince Nana handed Swerve Strickland the AEW World
Championship, and Swerve held it up, while Joe looked on,

This Friday tune in to AEW RAMPAGE at 10pm ET!

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AEW: Where the best wrestle!

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