CM PUNK: CM Punk says AEW were mad at him for showing up backstage at Raw in May 2023

Posted on 4/01/124 by Colin Vassallo

Appearing on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, CM Punk said
that AEW management were pissed at him for showing up
unannounced backstage before a taping of Monday Night Raw in
Chicago last May.

Punk explained that he was going back home to Chicago from
Tampa following a CFFC show and on the plane he met several
WWE Superstars who were traveling for Raw. Punk said that he
got a text from Bayley after landing saying that Liv Morgan,
who was on the same flight, described him as being super
nice and Bayley invited him to come over to say hello.

Punk joked that it was all Bayley’s fault and when he showed
up he met a few other Superstars such as The Miz, Bobby
Lashley, and Baron Corbin, before running into Triple H. A
few minutes later, Punk said he was thrown out of the arena
on the orders of Vince McMahon who did not like that he was
there while he was still under an AEW contract.

Helwani asked what did AEW think about it and Punk said that
they used the word “betrayed.” He said that AEW allows other
people on the roster to appear on other shows and here he
was just being backstage and not appearing anywhere on TV
but were still mad about it.

Punk said that if they wanted to be mad about it, then they
could be mad about it and shrugged it off.

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